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THE SUITE The new generation of Loyalty Program

FidelitySuite is a platform where it will be feasible to build up commitment factors from shops and adherent hypermarkets (without the necessity of having several cards) and to convert them right into solutions or loan through the SuiteCredits (STC) and the token (STK). STK: it is the Collection crypto official currecy. It will certainly be possible to sell exchanges, the listing contracts remain in progression and also, anyway it will be feasible to trade on decentralized exchanges. STK will be entitled to the routine airdrop of SCT. SCT: they are the factors accumulated and exchanged amongst the various individuals of the FidelitySuite system. They will not be noted in exchange and will have a pre-established unit value. They will certainly allow the accessibility to the solutions supplied by the FidelitySuite system.

Their primary objective is to Boost the purchasing power of the user by carrying out activities of day-to-day live (in a single collection of loyalty factors) to get monetary benefits and also accessibility to the ask for services that are not presently guaranteed by the factors collections and also integrity cards in blood circulation. To permit small operators as well as large distribution chains a much better loyalty solution, through the accessibility to bigger prizes magazines as well as feasible increase of customers thanks to events and efforts organized by Collection. On top of that, the purpose is to provide the financiers throughout the ICO stage, the opportunity to get immediately and also at lower costs among the anticipated conditions (platinum, gold, silver). Those will assure the possibility of participating in exclusive events arranged by Collection with extraction of prizes and complimentary stays.

The solution is resorted to all the users, small companies and also big retail chains that daily accumulate or disperse loyalty factors by using the fidelity cards. The job will certainly prolong the SCT collection to all citizens who currently do not get involved to point collections but will begin to accumulate them in order to convert them in financial benefits with actions of day-to-day live. This aspect will certainly bring only an increase of consumers to all the local business and also large circulation chains that will certainly wish to join the Integrity Collection system. The fidelity cards and the cash back sensations are in outright development all over the world, and also the constant appearance of brand-new companies in this industry verifies the public passion.

The heart of the system and also of the whole FidelitySuite system is the SuiteCredits. The SuiteCredit collection system, intends to merge all opportunities of build-up of prizes and bonuses from the international market as its best goal. They will have an unalterable value, to make certain security in the management of sales as well as purchases and one greater association. The company is frequently looking for companions and associates to enable the registered users to accumulate credits with a lot of the day-to-day procedures and also to use them with global critical companions running in all the sectors of public and also private usage. To be able to take care of a platform capable to understand all the buildup actions and also its solutions, a protected system at an IT level however basic in its usage is called for.






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