Zypline Services, Inc. has gotten the right by the government and now has gathered a unique platform with some browsers and a several phone applications which is already launching in the ENTERPRISE and SMB markets. These are products that can be found anywhere in the market. With this product, information about a business can be displayed (by permission) by the business owner of a phone number on the screen of the inbound callers. The content is displayed on the screen of the phone, while the phone rings, in voicemail or when interrupted.
ZYPLINE has seized the opportunity in order to deliver its products beyond boundaries.

To most people, the internet is a part of everyone’s daily life And yet there are still many businesses that are yet not online. The reason why it is so can be said to be due to lack of internet access, the cost of building a website. There are many other reasons.
Zypline tackles the world market of single-business owners and also brings a lasting solution to the world’s online posting solution. Zypcoin can let users post any file in any format. Zypline gives users access to the functions in which they could never get.

Current Situation
Zypline already has products and applications which aim to develop the target markets. These products will be readily available in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Zypcoin aims to advance some add on products and applications which will be available in the global network.
Some features of Zypline that are under development are:
No prescribed format; the information posts on Zypline are just the same way it was created.
The user controls what is being posted.
It takes less than 5 minutes for the user to create a new page and make it available online.
There is no registration as users do not need to provide any information.
It does not necessarily need an internet connection to be used.
It is very good to advertise discounts, coupons and specials.
One can create multiple pages by adding any alphanumeric suffix to the phone number which makes multiple pages possible.
Customers can view a page just by simply calling the number.
Customers can see a page by calling the number or by using it on http://Zyppather siges.com or other similar sites.
Produces a quick URL for business cards, also for online sites like Yelp, Angies, Craiglist.

Intellectual Property
There is not serious competition to the service that Zypline renders which offers a quick display that is related to an existing phone number.
The Zypine exclusive right has a new method to post and retrieving information through phone numbers.

Zypline Connection Platform
The Zypcoin is in the Zipline pantented connection-engine platform which provides a direct connection to any page online from any user-control index. Zipline is only a connection engine, not a search engine.

Total Cost of Ownership
Zipline does not provide full internet connection. The two components are: online display of products and services and e-commerce.
The cost of ownership (“TCO”) for creating and posting of a Zypline page is less expensive compared to the regular websites.

Strategic Plan Outline
➢ ESTABLISH USER BASE. Zypline plans to immediately deploy its instant posting product where users will be able to quickly post any business profile, schedule, price list, or any other information, which will be displayed when customers call or use the number online. Zypline plansto recruit users at minimal cost through an extensive partnership and distribution network.

➢ ENHANCE NETWORK – Users should then be able to add services such as FLYER E-COMMERCE, multiple pages, key words, product & service search, as well as create local apps in any environment or language with no central interface to include secure e-commerce transactions and rewards through the blockchain.

➢ EXPAND MARKET – Aim increase network size and value with PARTNERS, ACQUISITION & TOKEN “ROLL-UPS”. A comprehensive M&A function to acquire distressed token companies with a combination of USD and tokens and exchange of Zypcoins with existing token holders.

Zypcoin has the platform to reveal the power of online product display to the world without going through any difficulty of internet problem and has the target of taking the leadership to the next level within the next four years.

Business & Revenue Model
Zipline plans to arrange its applications through the use of wide range of network agents , distributors, and partners who have the aim of making the creation and display of the user’s page within minutes.

• BASIC SERVICE: Zipline only charges for the starting loading fee. Through this the cost for new members will be less.

• PREMIUM SERVICE: The current plans of Zypline to realize income from premium service, ie., users using keywords to their flyers this is only ($1.100 -$5.00/month). This will be shared among the distributors and partners.

General Market Targets
The good thing about Zypline is that it can be used in all industries in all market segments. It is our sincere plan to make it available to every person who have a phone number and would like to showcase their information for online for products and services. Our target is to reach the areas where there is no access to the internet.

Internet Penetration
Zipcoin uses the advantage of its suitable laws which allow phone numbers to become ‘proprietary’ and leverages them as a personal, persistent digital access.

Small Business Market Factors
We put data on specific sections in the United States, there are approximately 28 million businesses of which 2 2 million are sole proprietorship without the rise in pay or employees.
• There about 22.5 million non-employer companies in the US
• About 52% of all the small scale businesses are home-based jobs
• Close to 75% of all the businesses are non-employer businesses

Informal Markets Region Informal Employment
South Asia 82 %
Sub-Saharan Africa 66 %
East and Southeast Asia 65 %
Latin America 51 %
MENA 57 %

This multifaceted strategy will allow enable ZYPLINE to become a leader in this large open global market. The following outlines this plan and presents key milestones for its delivery.
• Complete pre-sale and public sale
• Close ICO activate network - distribute tokens to holders
• Move appropriate consultants / contractors to permanent key staff
• Hire additional staff: Development, M&A staff, BizDev and marketing executives Marketing & Community outreach including commencement of Bounty Campaign
• Update basic posting app & system
• Network distribution and systems tested
• Conduct pilot tests with selected distributors/agents
• Set up biz dev units for key market segments
• Official launch – register customers on the network enabling posting of business profile
• Marketing Road Show and local street events
• Develop acquisition targets
• Rewards system for distributors and agents in place
• Create advertising options for network and profiles
• Create Supply channels to accept Zypcoin
• Enabling distributor to buy supplies and services.
• Test flyer ecommerce Payment gateway integration
• Test using ZypWallet (or partner wallet) to make purchases in field



General information
For additional documents and product demonstrations, please contact:

Barbara Bernard, Director Marketing Communications
640 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Barbara@Zypline.com / +1.908.272.5336

For more information please visit the link below:
Website : https://zypcoinpresale.com/
Whitepaper : http://zypcoinpresale.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Zypcoin-White-Paper-3.28.18.pdf
Announcement Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3273210.msg34125974#msg34125974
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Zypcoin/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/zypcoin
Telegram : http://t.me/ZypcoinOfficial

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