Part-time employment has been a continuing trend among job seekers considering the possibility of accepting a temporary job or working on a contract basis. Even those who have little paid work experience can concentrate on their strongest skills and find announcements where they are needed. In this context, everyone can act as an employer since they have a simple job tasks related to home services, deliveries, tutoring, repair works, etc. Mycro is a project aimed at developing a mobile search portal for the job offers placement and job seekers. Mycro will help find work opportunities, look for information about potential job tasks, gain access to the rating system and make mutually beneficial deals.

A bids-and-offers approach to finding a job
With the use of the Mycro dApp job offers and online profiles can be created and placed. Job seekers will be able to see all job tasks scheduled to be taken with any details, such as place and time of the job, and payment terms, such as crypto or fiat rewards. Applicant data, in turn, will contain information on skills, previous completed tasks and recommendations. Both job seekers and job providers will gain access to a reputation system in order to check their history on the portal.

The position on the list will be influenced by bids. Therefore the ranking will be promoted by the higher bids and only those positions that are listed on the first page will have a great chance to be selected. Similarly, job tasks with the highest remuneration will be prioritized by the job seekers. As in the case with any other search engines, Mycro will sort job offers due to their relevance for the job seekers, taking into account skills and job terms. Stakeholders will be additionally rewarded with bonuses for submitting recommendations and evaluations on jobs they have dealt with. Mycro dApp will be available both for Android and iOS.
ICO Details
ICO dates will be announced on the official homepage of the project.

There are many ways to find employers who need your skills. It is not surprising that when it comes to temporary work, job opportunities provided through acquaintances or those being agreed on by approaching employers directly are the most effective methods. Nevertheless, there is a number of both local and international online job portals with a strong focus on part-time employment. Since short-time job tasks are placed in a niche market segment, the introduction of the cryptocurrency as a means of payment will hardly facilitate the process. In this light, we can conclude that building such a platform exclusively on this payment method would be a wrong solution. Given this consideration and a fact that fiat payments will be available as well, Mycro is inherently another job platform of a range of other specific job portals. Though the platform will be driven by blockchain and machine learning algorithms, it would be more convenient to elaborate strong key features to attract a larger audience to its services.



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