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MYCRO is intuitive software for mobile devices. Short-term work can be done immediately in the MYCRO community for free. Thanks to the use of wise algorithms and independent learning in assignments, MYCRO combines these tasks with the right candidates in a timely manner. He works. Someone has time, money.

MYCRO is an intuitive mobile application to use. Simple short-term jobs can be posted directly on the MYCRO network for free. Using smart self-learning algorithms on dating platforms, MYCRO compares these tasks with timely job seekers. He does this work. One person has time, another has money.

"Time binds us all, regardless of our social background or rank. Limited Time Limited We cannot restore or extend the time. In the modern world, our time is largely controlled from the outside. Time can also be controlled by our work, our customers, our social obligations. Therefore, we believe that everyone in the world has the right to control time. Our vision is to realize this right. For this reason we will make a balance between time and money."

Things you can get at Micro.

Get paid quickly and easily by checking the Mycro application and finding the job that best suits you. Register now and all vacancies.
Helps complete all the tasks that you cannot do, for example, to make a condo, which is easy to install applications, and you will quickly contact the participants in the environment who will help you.
and Mycro will launch electricity from nearby communities, using our protocol to connect people. With this alternative recreation platform, we will open the door to grow to become the single choice market in the world to fit real-time jobs.

In addition to the 3 (three) things I mentioned above, you can also get several benefits, namely:

Family services, namely: gardening, cleaning, repair, small repairs, washing windows, washing, ironing, kitchen.
Shipping services, namely purchases, horse riding services, transportation services, transportation services
Virtual services, namely, pure research, travel planning, assistance services, administrative work, online surveys and;
Services that meet the requirements, namely tutoring, photography, modeling, playing the piano, installing computers, installing TV, DJs, waiters, managing internet connections.

Mycro feature

Fast and easy to use.
Mycro's smart algorithm allows you to find the right job with the right contractor quickly. You can publish your work needs, and workers will see work anytime.

People who meet strangers lack confidence. Micro will solve this problem with a decentralized ranking and verification system that is implemented using a smart blockchain contract.

Money is saved on a smart escrow contract when the job is completed. Job providers and employers do not have access. The escrow agreement will regulate the employer's wages only if the work is successful.

Low cost
The purpose of Mycro is to turn Mycro into a fully decentralized application (dApp). With the elimination of intermediaries no longer need to pay commissions up to 30%, charged by intermediaries. Jobs can always be published for free. Workers only pay 2% to use the Mycro application.

How can I use Mycro Token (MYO)?

Shop for work
Use Mycro Token (MYO) to get a better position on the job provider tool bar. This allows you to determine your own expenses. We call it job search.

Take MYO from the public prize collection to get a good ranking after a successful job and create a Mycro community that is controlled by smart contracts.

It is planned that you can use Mycro tokens (MYO) to pay for work - in a safe and secure way using smart contract escrow. (Package)

Information Token:

Name: Mycro
Symbol: MYO
Token type: ERC20
Price: 1 MYO = 0.25 EUR

Softcap: $ 3,500,000
Hardcap: $ 14,000,000

Total Supply: 100,000,000
Tokens for sale: 40,000,000

Token Distribution:

White paper:
ANN Thread:


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