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Bitcoin is considered the main universally recognized crypto currency. Its appearance meant the emergence of a new scientific and industrial period, and in addition to this some fascinating thoughts, similar to the theory of a distributed electric currency unit, built in cryptography, solving difficulties with the safety of asset saving and transfer. Etherium the emergence of Block 2.0 provided smart contracts, in this case the fact that in our time the period is being used extremely rapidly. However, this or that fundamental leap was made by a blocker because of such a period, there are a number of significant problems, the presence of which does not in any way give a chance to completely unfold to crypto technologies, complete them everywhere and show them from abroad in general, only abstract assets.

Difficulties of the blockade

low transaction skill, poor scalability. To sample, the Bitcoin transaction rate is considered to be a full 7 in 1 one second.
the problem of anonymity. Establish in the process of the person in the existing networks is very difficult, in this case what provides the basis with the target of increasing the criminal active in the detachment;
high scientific and industrial difficulties. The present period in the period of the blockade, someone in no more than a toy in the handles of crypto-giks, is associated with a hostile, in an absolutely uneasy concept with a target of research and understanding of the ecosystem.
The presence of these problems all without exception in the absence of withdrawal arises in its own site, in this case the fact that only only the availability of implementation and the development of these problems, the crypto currency and the block system will penetrate into the life process of everyone with us, in that case what is capable of introducing ourselves to the 1- th opinion is quite real.

Usechain - the newest generation forms the given block 3.0, the block of the new generation will be able to change the numerous difficulties of our existence, one of the main problems of the platform will be increasing the scalability of the blocking system in our daily existence, the site is a huge transmission line, and will be able to cope with previously pronounced user-friendly difficulties. At the heart of the platform will be the identification of users, allowing you to compare the addresses of wallets with a real person. This stage shows the ecosystem of the door in a huge number of areas of business, with the amount of subsidies, insurance, banking services, etc.

Distinctive features of Usechain

The structure and all, without exception, in the absence of withdrawal, the scientific and industrial decisions of the platform are set in the satisfaction of the factors of social application, we will analyze certain of them:
Stepwise theory of user authentication
The essence of the device is to establish a relationship between the address of the wallet in the relationship and the person of its owner, the presence of this in the locker is saved only this link, in accordance with this convention, individual information remains intact.

New agreement - RPOW
RPOW (stands for exactly as well as Randomized Proof of Work or involuntary, unconscious PoW) is created in the basis of the current consensus algorithms and guarantees the largest number of transactions in 1 1 one second presence of the least energy use and the lowest conditions for the power of "tin" (For example, it is planned, in such a case, then that the mine "coin" may become in this number also in mobile devices).
In consequence of this family, a well-balanced opinion guarantees a high degree of protection of structures, significant efficiency and low energy consumption.

Shading technology
Sharding is a new technology in the blockroom that is further big one one word in the blockroom, someone is also using the Usechain. I will demonstrate in this case that this technique makes it possible to pass proof of the transaction.In this case, what gives the speed to the block, and in a similar way, since transactions will take place only within the boundaries of this piece, the location refers to one or the other, in which case then that significantly increases the speed of the activity of the concept presence of an almost absolute lack of vulnerabilities .

Conditional checking
This is a new example of smart contracts that allows you to interact with external applications and significantly increase the number of usage scenarios in Usechain.

Tolerance to pathologies in work in the network
If an ambiguous situation begins to be tracked in 1 c of the concepts, these systems are locked in, and their prospect will dare in a special order.
The architecture of the concept is presented in the diagram next:

Areas of use of the platform in the world:
Equally, as stated above, Usechain is put to use in areas calling for person identification and economic sectors, in accordance with this condition, the more effective ecosystem decisions will look like this:

Payment concepts and distributed financial applications;
Appendices formed in the position of a single-use economy;
In the field of Safe Iot orders;
In the field of Insurance;
In the field of lending;
In the field of distributed crypto-exchange exchanges, etc.

In conclusion, I want to say that, I considered and continue to consider, in that case the fact that in 2018 and 2019, "they will shoot" only those orders that will have real application in the real world. A large transaction in 1 one second in a vacuum will not at all have any weight in the shortage of daily use by ordinary people. Usechain gorazd to be an example of such a product, regardless of the case with the number of competitors it does not at all equally powerful projects - exclusive only just what EOS is acquiring.

Nevertheless, it changes the imprisonment in the application in the usual spheres of life, and besides this, the creators have the concept of this, in which case the fact that using absolutely absolutely all the information "excellent" should not be any more difficult than a plastic card.

A controversial condition is the theory of work based on identity. This decision takes place despite the initial postulates of the detachment, with the number of which in no way in the last place is the secret and uncharted. On the other hand, it is difficult to demonstrate with the goal of a similar business area, just as well as, to the sample, subsidizing where the site for you can eliminate the identity controls, unquestionably and formerly existing orders in Etherium in the field of this since lending contains in order to yourself KYC procedure.


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