ThinkCoin - Review ICO

           The well-known fact is that today the world is slowly but surely entering the crypto-era.  Technologies evolve, and with them the public opinion about them changes.  The popularity and prestige of the professions related to the cryptocurrency is growing.  The words "blockchain", "bitcoin" and "digital currency" no longer cause confusion on the faces of most people and are firmly included in their daily vocabulary.  On sensational bitcoins newspapers write and shoots television, and cryptology every day strengthens its position.  In connection with the growing popularity of crypto-money, there naturally arise a lot of organizations that position themselves as crypto-instruments.  They offer innovative methods of making payments, providing maximum consumer comfort, and become the object of increased attention from business and investors.  One of such companies is the object of today's review - the startup ThinkCoin.  

What is this ThinkCoin project?  

           So, ThinkCoin, according to the official information of the site, is the author's crypto currency, which makes it possible to trade various financial products and other crypto-currencies on the site, which provides equal opportunities to all categories of interested people.  A language more accessible is a crypto currency for "daily" use, universal and affordable, designed to make quick and convenient transactions with any financial products and shares.  

           The main goal of the company is to provide high-speed and exceptionally profitable transactions on the most secure platform available to users from all over the world.  

           The task of the project is to unite the various fields of activity with the crypto industry, and use the product as efficiently as possible.  

           The basis of the system is the TradeConnect platform, effectively uniting sellers and buyers.  

What are the advantages of the project?  

  • An actively developing company with ambitious plans for the future;  
  • A multinational team that actively travels the world;  
  • Maximum openness and transparency: on the company's website you can find a short resume for all employees, as well as Whitepaper, a general summary of the project, brief information and presentation in the slide;  
  • Clear and convenient interface of the site with the availability of translation into major world languages;  
  • High-speed transactions;  
  • Economical.  

The project team.  

           The main staff is at the time of writing Article 38. They work in 6 different offices.  Among them are specialists of various fields: managers, marketers, analysts, financiers.  The team keeps a constantly updated blog with news of the company.  

           The main leaders and co-founders of the project are Nauman Anees, Faizan Anees and Rodolfo Festa Bianchet.  The company has 13 consultants. The development team consists of 8 non-ordinary personalities, without which the existence of ThinkCoin would be impossible, as well as its modern appearance.  

ICO project and information about the TCO token 

  • Project - ThinkCoin 
  • Token - Token TCO 
  • Type of the token ERC20 
  • Platform Ethereum 
  • Total tokens 500,000,000 TCO 
  • Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD 
  • Hard Cap 30,000,000 USD 
  • The value of the token on PreICO 1 TCO = 0.25 USD 
  • The value of the token on the ICO  1 TCO = 0.30 USD 
  • PreICO time from April 3, 2018 to June 18, 2018 
  • ICO from June 25, 2018 to July 09, 2018 

What are the prospects for a startup?  

           ThinkCoin was lucky to appear at the very moment, when all involved and uninvolved began to realize that money in the traditional sense is becoming a vestige of the past.  Soon the world market will capture the crypto currency, and all the usual paper payment means will replace high-tech invisible money.  With the increasing interest of the public to the rapid development of this area, the prospects of such a project as ThinkCoin seem very bright, because the project stands out among others with an understandable interface, transparency of deals and favorable conditions for both new and experienced customers.  In the market of crypto-currencies today there are conditions for fierce competition, which, however, do not interfere with the appearance and dynamic development of projects like ThinkCoin.I am confident that he will take his place in today's crypto-niche and will be worthy of competition to older rivals.  


           In conclusion, I would like to note once again that the world is entering crypto-epoch - the time has come for full-scale administration of online platforms of a new generation, one of which is the project considered.  Due to its exceptional characteristics, it is an object of interest for investors.  However, the best indicator of the project's prospects is its active development, participation in international conferences and high competence of employees, as well as advanced thinking of developers.  The program, according to which ThinkCoin functions, is definitely effective and can bring tangible income to its participants and is a model of advanced technologies of the twenty-first century.



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