Talao ICO Review

          Talao is a decentralized labor market, and simply a blockchain platform that helps companies and employees find each other for further interaction.  At the moment, the described field of the economy is estimated at $ 50 billion, and potentially can attract much more funds. 

Let's try to understand Talao together? 

         What makes Talao different from other platforms?  Now there are more and more projects related to the decentralization of labor markets.  The main difference between Talao is the focus on the market of highly qualified specialists from various spheres (see below).  Therefore, talking about the project as a "clean" tool for all freelancers, or all remote workers is wrong.  At the same time, there are no serious limitations on the use of the platform.  It is planned that most of Talao's economy will also make consulting services (expert advice can be obtained in a short period of time). 

Problems & solutions 

Talao offers the following opportunities for the presented market:

         Establishment of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).  With the help of smart contracts, the community takes decisions that are as useful as possible for the TAO itself.  A great role here is played by the possibility of user voting.  Now all issues are considered only by the administration of freelance exchanges, or through a labor contract.  The user can not affect the change in the terms of service. 

         Market without intermediaries and commissions.  Today, an employee can lose up to 55% of his income through exchanges, taxes, or third parties.  Many services also take into account incoming funds as an object of the tax procedure established in the region. 

         Fair and transparent management.  It is obtained naturally from items 1 and 2.  The profit received in Talao system is not distributed among the shareholders-participants, but is reinvested.  This mechanism of distribution of funds is the most transparent, and is useful for other users of the system. 

Actually, blockchain! 

         Blockchain is the implementation of secure transactions, confirmation of the activities of participants and the protocols held in the system.  Decentralization provides, on the one hand, the ability to operate on data in the system, on the other hand, forms an independent economy for DAO (Talao has its own token). 

         For more information, please visit the project website.  The team also pays attention to various problems and solutions, such as conducting arbitration, reducing the risks of participation, verifying the knowledge and skills of a specialist, the reputation of companies, etc. 

To invest or not? 

         First of all, investors would like to know if the platform is worth it to reserve part of the funds in its economy.  Let's try to consider Talao from this position. 


         Is the basis of the blockchain project, and affects its success. 

          Pros Cons Idea and offer A well researched market, a broad area for creating a proposal Competition, including amongst blockchain projects

         Flexibility Voting (smart contract), variational tokenomics "It is learned in practice", i.e.  specific data is not scaled

         Scalability Potentially high (blockchain, DAO) Depends on technical implementation

Market potential
In many ways it determines how the fate of the token and the project as a whole. 

         Competitive ability Compare themselves not with all projects, only with DAO implementation * (high) Similar decisions on blockchain more and more

         Unique offer of DAO, emphasis on high professional qualities of participants

         See competition Partnerships DAOstack, Kmong No

         Marketing Open policy, research  different groups of potential users No

Information about the company

         An important stage in the study of a new proposal is the study of data about the company and its employees. 

         The parent company is eMindHub, founded in 2015.  Natives of eMindHub are currently working on the Talao project.  According to the information given on the website, there are already 3 successful IPOs on the account of the association.Official registration: France, Casteljins. 

         Information on technical implementation The most attractive for investors are those projects that are already ready to provide technical implementation of the project.  A beta version of the platform was developed;  the middle of the 3rd quarter of 2018 is devoted to the conclusion of Talao on Ethereum Mainnet, then UI solutions will be added. 

Instead of confinement. 

         The project requires additional investor research.  We provide the most basic information about Talao, considering various sources (the same is recommended before making a purchase of tokens).  The marketing potential of the token is quite large.  It is also possible that the platform will be further developed and include more adaptive tools. 

         Therefore, below are links on which you can follow the development of Talao.  Token Sale enter image description here In order to participate in the development of the project, or to invest in the platform, it is enough to purchase the TALAO token. 

  • Price of the token: 0.45 USD 
  • Hard Cap: 24 000 ETH 
  • Soft Cap: 5 000 ETH 
  • Sales time: start of the main stage - July 2, ends on July 29, 2018.  
  • Stage of sale: pre-sale (ends July 1) in 2018.  
  • Bonuses: before July 1, you could get 5% -bonus. 

For additional opportunities at the time of Token Sale, ask the representatives of the project, or follow the information in the corresponding section.

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