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Global climate change worries now almost every person, not just environmental scientists, since it is simply impossible not to notice them. Surprisingly, this fact did not ignore the crypto currency. The Zero Carbon project is aimed at improving the environmental situation, aims at promoting the use of renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

Serious climate changes associated with high levels of carbon dioxide emissions can cause serious environmental disasters in the near future. Change the situation will help only the most complete rejection of traditional energy sources with the transition to alternative ones. But environmentally friendly sources are still inadequate. The main reason is the high income from the existing enterprises of the old format, which no one is going to close. In themselves, renewable sources themselves are quite expensive, which again reduces their popularity.

How can we relate the protection of the environment and the crypto currency? How can this symbiosis help change the situation? The developers of the project Zero Carbon managed to come up with an interesting concept that allows this. They try to popularize renewable sources, and make their use profitable. After all, the more people start using them, the less greenhouse gas will get into the atmosphere. The main goal of the project is to maximally reduce the cost of using renewable sources, so that they become cheaper than traditional ones.

The platform will present a list of contracts that it will be profitable to conclude among themselves consumers and suppliers of alternative energy. The developers of Zero Carbon plan to stimulate the business in this way to give preference to those contracts for the supply of energy, which is made taking into account all the requirements of environmental safety. And consumers can choose the most attractive and interesting contract, the contract with the supplier will be directly.

The platform has its own Energis token, which will be accrued as a reward to users using renewable energy sources. This category of payments will be spent up to 70% of fees. The demand for tokens will gradually grow due to the development of the client base. They can also be sold, including energy suppliers - they need them to pay transaction fees. Tokens can be implemented on third-party exchanges.

Simply put, the plan of the creators of Zero Carbon is this:
• A platform is created to accommodate proposals from energy suppliers;
• blockchain will be used to create conditions for transparency and increase competition;
• Within the framework of the platform, the consumer can choose an attractive contract, conclude a contract with the supplier with the help of secure direct communication;
• consumers will be rewarded with tokens for the right choice.

The business center of the project is in the UK. The "Zero carbon" structure will move forward in the country. Gradually, the project developers are planning to expand coverage and involve other countries. Also, the platform will help to find investors who want to develop and implement any idea of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Project Details:
Token: NRG
Total number of tokens: 240 million
Cost: 1 NRG = $ 0.2
Standard: ERC-20
Soft cap: $ 2 million;

Thus, Zero Carbon will provide energy supply at a lower price, and also attracts the attention of consumers due to the presence of rewards for participating in the project. He really can change the ecological situation for the better, but it will take a lot of time.




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