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Kind time of the day, my dear readers, we all know that attracting attention to yourself or to the product or technology, for their promotion or sale contributes nothing more than advertising. To date, taking the statistics from Magna Global, we can note that the size of the global advertising market for the period of 2017 reached $ 500 billion. You just think about what these figures are and every year they will only grow. In the same year 2017, digital advertising took the leading position among all other types of advertising, it is 39% of the total market share of advertising. Although not so long ago in 2014, this figure was 28% and every year there was a clear transition to the digital form and this is not the end will be only growth, I will introduce the fact that we are more and more turning to the digital view of obtaining information. All these indicators can grow unheard of with the implementation of such a project as Ubex.

What is the essence of this project and what does it want to contribute to this market?
I think we are all sitting on the Internet watching advertising windows pop up on sites, according to our earlier requests, but this does not always deliver the effect to the advertiser, because he can not know with complete certainty what his potential customers are looking for in the Internet.

The Ubex project wants to provide, so let's say a decentralized exchange for advertising, where the most effective conditions for advertisers and publishers of these ad units will be created with the help of neural networks and blockchain technology. After all, there are a number of problems, that with that, on the other hand, which Ubex intends to exclude.

The problems of advertisers and the solution of these problems from Ubex

Availability of brokers, which means high commissions and the client cost the advertiser because of this by ± 30% more expensive.
Pay per click. Due to fraud, namely due to the creation of multi-accounts and the rolling of clicks, also makes the client's attraction by ± 30% more expensive for the advertiser.
Weak algorithms that imply an inefficient targeting, which also makes it more expensive to attract the customer by ± 20%.
The solution to these problems will be blockchain and neural networks. Thanks to smart contracts, it will be possible to exclude intermediaries in the purchase chain, also each user action will be recorded with the help of the blockchain, which will prevent the creation of multi-accounts. Well, neural networks will solve issues with inefficient targeting, selecting the right advertisement based on the specified user data.

The problems of publishers and the solution of these problems from Ubex:

The purchase algorithm shows very low efficiency, giving out a non-optimal loading of advertising windows.
Targeting is ineffective, as the result is a small number of targeted actions.
Impossibility to track the transparency of the work, because of this, there are problems of non-payment of advertising costs such as: shaving or late payment for advertising.
A sufficiently undeveloped level of monetization systems, there is no additional source of income.
Targeting is ineffective, which leads to a loss of a large amount of advertising traffic.
Ubex also proposes to solve these problems with the help of blockchain and neural networks. Only with the help of the blockchain can you achieve transparency in the actions of advertisers and receive all the profits for the actions they performed. Neural networks will solve the problem of targeting inefficiency, providing users with ads for their interests, and not laying out all the horrible things and thereby not frightening off the use of the site in the future. As far as monetization is concerned, Ubex offers tokenize ad units and to receive, with the help of smart contracts, in a timely manner, its profits and the ability to analyze the whole profit process through the transparency of the entire earnings scheme.
In general, it turns out that Ubex will make it possible to significantly increase profits from good effective sites, publishers will only have the task of adequately managing their website and no longer be afraid for shortfall in profits.

To calculate the platform will use its own UBEX token. It will be an economic component of the project and will only provide convenience in using the functions of the platform.You can study the project more deeply by reading Whitepaper

This is how Ubex works

Well, a little sums up.
In our time, the competition is very high and without advertising is not where, if you want to develop your sphere, then in any case you will use advertising. Only here is what quality she is currently unhappy with everything from the user to the advertiser. Ubex also offers innovative projects such as blockchain to make a step forward to excellence, which will come and will be for the benefit of the advertiser and all links in this chain ending with the user. As a user, I would very much like to successfully implement the project, so as not to look at this obsessive advertisement, which does not at all coincide with my interests. The project during the ICO shows that the project is in demand and has dialed today more than 19,500 ETH and so far hard drives are not far away, that I can only wish good luck to the developers.




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