Greetings to all regular readers of my blog and those who visited it for the first time! The project, which I will discuss in this article, will certainly be extremely interested in fans of sports betting and gambling on people's lives in general. So, today we will talk about the MEvU platform.

          In the modern world of computers, gaming and technology, more and more people are keen on betting on various sports: be it football or some kind of e-sports discipline, for example Dota 2. But the current bookmakers and similar sites that are absolutely centralized, are extremely unsafe sites. 

What are the main disadvantages of such organizations? 

          First, low coefficients. It is on the MEvU platform that you can designate them yourself, while competing with your friends. Although if you want, you can find new opponents in the face of new users. Secondly, the possibility of fraud and the lack of any guarantees. 

          In turn MEvU works on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts, which provides the highest level of security and strict confidentiality. 

          And thirdly, MEvU has a decentralized system for checking the results. Which again excludes fraudulent actions and special manipulation is not in your favor, of course. 

Information about tokens and ITO: 

          By executing Oracle duties (token holders) or obtaining referral bonuses, platform users can receive MVU tokens. A transfer may also be made by another player or a rating reward may be obtained. 

          In order to participate in ITO, it is necessary to translate ETH into MVU. What are the terms of holding? So, the private sale of tokens has already started on May 14 and will continue until 15 million MVU hard drive hard drive tokens are reached. (the end date depends on what comes first: reaching the HardCap level or July 16) 

          September 10, 2018, the public sale of tokens will begin according to the ERC20 standard. The date of its end on October 22 of the same year. The total number of tokens available for public sale is 45,000,000. 

          In my opinion MEvU is a very promising platform! It has a huge number of advantages over the existing ones: from the design, which was developed by the creators, to the highest level of security and fast work of the platform. It is worthwhile to get acquainted with the development team and immediately everything will fall into place. Exceptional professionals and just talented people! 

          If the project really interested you, and I have no doubt that it is, then follow the links that I will leave below. Thus, having collected all aspects and features of MEvU in your head, you can make an informed decision about participating in the ITO company. Good luck and do not forget to subscribe to my blog to keep track of updates!

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