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Kind time of the day, today we will consider a project called Ultra and its features. You are on the crypto blog CryptoLVL and I have prepared for you an article about this project, here I tried to sort the information as clearly as possible and expressed my thoughts in a simple language, so questions should not arise.


If we talk about the project as simply and objectively as possible, then the Ultra project is a decentralized platform on which games are laid out directly, as well as multifunctionality and the latest technologies. You can mark an important thing, which is also the main advantage of Ultra. The project wants to create a real, and most importantly, transparent competition, where games that are inherently interesting and quality will win.

What attracted to the emergence of this platform? A balanced assessment of the quality of the product is independent of the popular brand, in addition to this, and a fair reward.

Also, users of the Ultra platform have the opportunity to play the game itself until it fully loads. This function works thanks to the content distribution system, and it continues to download data when the user plays. Ultra also provides a set of universal SDK tools to transfer their game.


As we well know the gaming industry is mainly a network of large monopolists, they also own the lion's share in the entire market, and practice shows that these same companies do not give air to new companies. We do not have to go far for an example, we all know such a platform called Steam, we should all know the players or play, and so it owns 12% of the entire market, and its revenue is about $ 3.5 billion according to the latest data. You just think more broadly into this figure, and in 12% that seem at first sight not so huge. But the industry does not stand still and develops like technologies that promote the world of games more and more, thereby the volume of this market becomes larger each year.


The Ultra project for the sake of promotion and implementation wants to use the three main factors of their own and I will describe in this title:

  1. Overlay. This function gives the user access to the service with its own interface, so that you can perform actions when you are immersed in the gameplay.
  2. Publication of advertisements. The ad system is made very convenient for developers, it will also allow for a short time to implement a pre-designed advertising campaign through the use of internal tokens.
  3. Distribution of content. This feature will allow the player to be in the game when the gamer's computer loads the game.


7% is the amount from the proceeds, it will also be aimed at increasing the popularity of Ultra.

  1. The working token marker is UTA;
  2. Currencies accepted for payment - air, bitcoin, EOS, as well as fiat - the dollar and euro;
  3. The maximum collection of the project is limited to the ceiling - $ 52 million;
  4. The total number of tokens in the project is 1.95 billion UTA.

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