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Greetings, subscribers of my crypt blog. Today I want to tell you about the project that has interested me, which is called EagleX. This is a project that, in my opinion, is capable of becoming a very important decision for people and even for the crypto-currency world as a whole.

I want to start with the fact that at present it is very problematic to use crypto-currency at the household level. It can even be said impossible. People can not pay food or rent housing using crypto currency. Eagle Project will solve this problem and can raise the popularity of crypto-currency to a new level. The developers of this project seriously set the task of making the crypto currency more convenient for everyone. It's very cool when I can fully use my virtual assets in real life. Eagle creates a payment system of a new generation, allowing people to conveniently use the crypto currency in life, which supports all fiat funds, by the way.

Why Eagle Project is capable of this?
1) Support for several types of digital assets;
2) Consensus mechanism "Iron dBFT";
3) Quantum stability - to prevent a massive attack from quantum computers;
4) Several types of wallets. A "cold" wallet will be available for personal computers and mobile devices. There is also a web version of the wallet.
5) The decentralized application and the ICO platform will support Smart contracts.
In the table below, I'll give you a table that compares the characteristics of known payment systems with Eagle.

There will be two tokens that were created for different tasks. EagleX and Benz. EagleX is a payment token and the most important asset. Benz plays the role of gas, like NEO or ETH.
Total tokens will be 72 million coins.

I want to say good news. For those who will store Eaglex tokens, they will receive the corresponding dividends, which can not but rejoice. The bonus will be in the coins of Benz. The Eagle ecosystem will have its own exchange of currencies similar to stock exchanges. EagleX will act as the main currency in currency pairs when performing an exchange. Also, EagleX Holders will be able to receive airways in the Eagle ecosystem. And no less pleasant news is the lack of commissions for transactions.

The BENZ token is designed to support the functioning of the IronGeekChain system. It can only be purchased by owning EagleX tokens, and you will receive a reward in Benz.
Total tokens are 144 million coins and they will be minced within 10 years. Each year the number of coins will be reduced by a factor of 2. In the first year, 64 million coins can be minted, next year 32 and so on. Using BENZ to deploy smart contracts and transactions with tokens will result in a stable BENZ price.

Team Eagle Project has made a promising project that will help many people use crypto currency freely and at the household level. This will develop the entire crypto economy as a whole, which can not but rejoice. I will follow the project, which I recommend to do to you.

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