Plentix ICO Review

          Plentix - another block-platform, developed to tokenize the referral economy and distribution of incentives for those taking part.  Friends, application developers, buyers and sellers - all have the opportunity to receive such a reward as Plentix coins or a discount.  The abandonment of classical investment decisions, like risky seed financing and the like in favor of ICO, enables a growing number of people to benefit from participating in the global referral economy.  The Plentix team aims to create a convenient technology for awarding awards to all participants in the referral economy and decentralizing the system. 

          What are the main qualities and features of Plentix? 

1) Decentralization and Automation Thanks to the technology of Blockbin, companies can develop their own applications on a free platform.  In addition, the automated work of intellectual contracts facilitates the procedure for setting up and operating the software used.  The Plentix platform can provide developers and companies with an API package that is based on open source code.  These APIs will operate on a decentralized system. 

2) Progressive architecture Companies participating in ecosystem programs will have many opportunities to integrate their POS and CRM systems.  At least in the Back-End stage, Plentyix can connect a large number of applications, the platform will be able to manage them from a single interface, you just need to log into your account. 

3) Various methods of incentives Plentix provides several ways to reward: this is the Plenti tokens, and discounts.  There may still be options such as coins plus discounts, and the amount and type of payment at the discretion of the company. 

4) Affordable information about connected partners All information about customers and companies after the conclusion of partnership agreements is stored in the system.  Since Plentix is a network platform that operates using a basic token, which is a means of cryptoeconomics, it's all about winning.  The success of users and partner companies, as well as the increase in the cost of the token, directly affect the efficiency and further progress of the platform. 

          How does the platform work? 

1. On the platform, any user can send their own referral link to friends or other participants using the Plentix interface.  There is even an opportunity to invite referrals that are not in the system.  This comes to help e-mail, various social networks and SMS-sending; 

2. After that, the referral comes with a discount code, where you can purchase products or services from a firm that issued this code as a reward.  The amount of the discount, the various conditions for obtaining it, and other rewards are established by the firm; 

3. When the invitee receives the code, he will have the opportunity to buy the services of the enterprise.  However, there are time limits for purchases, but they can be changed; 

4. After the customer, who was invited by the code, makes a purchase, the referrer receives his reward.  As incentives are either coins platform, or discount. 

Sales of tokens

          Within the two sales stages, pre-ICO and ICO, the company plans to sell 5 million tokens.  The cost of 1 PTN = 0.02 dollars.  Thus it is planned to collect 10 million dollars.  All unrealized tokens will be destroyed by the righteous fire of the blockade.  The general picture of the distribution of Plentix tokens:

- Tokensail - 50%; 
- Advisers and early investors - 20%
- Company reserve - 15%
- Community development - 10%
- Early investors and strategic partners - 5%


          In general, the concept of the referral economy is not new, however, using blocking equipment, we can significantly improve this area  .  The referral business will become decentralized, automated and transparent.











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