ICO Ultra Review

         Currently, the video game industry is at the peak of popularity than ever.  The industry giants develop new games every day and distribute them through intermediary platforms on which users can buy this or that product.  These platforms, earning huge money, take most of the profits themselves, not giving users any awards, except the game itself.  

          Created by large players in the market distribution system is so broken that most game developers prefer to sell their new products using their own strengths.  For such developers who are looking for alternative ways of distributing products, and Ultra was created.  

Ultra goals: 

          Because of the huge greed of large companies, the industry is slowly dying out.  Ultra tries to make all the changes, providing developers with additional revenues from the implementation of the game on the platform, developing a strategy that gives developers more opportunities regardless of their available budget.  I note that Ultra also keeps afloat developers with a low budget and quality product, offering them other ways to profit on the platform.  

          In short, Ultra aims to give a clear signal to all the major players in the field (Steam, Google, Valve) that each developer is able to distribute their product without fear of being undervalued.  

Basic technical solutions.  

          Developed on the basis of open source blockbuster, Ultra network enables developers to create their own games and implement on the platform without having a multi-million dollar budget. 

  • Ultra does not try to become another game store for users, but wants to take the game industry to a new level.  
  • The platform also allows for free games, premium account purchases, and exclusive games.  
  • The system is able to manage the needs of well-known brands, using algorithms that increase awareness based on the player's preferences.
  • Creation of own payment system, which does not deprive developers of their earnings and access to them as necessary.  
  • Instant payments allow developers to increase sales by investing in product advertising when it launches.  
  • It can also be noted that it is possible to easily transfer a game or application from competing platforms to Ultra.  

ICO procedure 

  • 1,100,000,000 UTA tokens are sold for sale. 
  • The price of one token is UTA = 0.1 $ UTA 
  • is a ERC-20 standard token. 
  • The project's hardcap is 32,000,000 $. 
  • There is currently a closed sale for partners.  Public sale will be announced later.  For reference https://ultra.io/ 

          Conclusion on the project: From the user's point of view, it can be argued that due to the experienced team of project managers who occupy high positions in the gaming industry, the Ultra project will occupy one of the leading positions among competitors in this field.  Thanks to the great advantages for developers and users, the project will be widely spread and rapidly developed.

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1835919

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