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In my blog, I have already written about the projects related to medicine. One of the main criteria for my selection for review is the availability of a minimally viable product for such projects. Doctor Smart just suits my methods of selection. I will tell you more, this company already has a commercial version, try how it works in countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. In Russia, access to the telemedicine platform is closed today due to the blocking of the Amazon service, which contains some of the data of the Doctor Smart platform.

The main idea of this project is the provision of medical services at any time and in any place. Plus, improving the quality of services provided, but at the same time making access to this platform as affordable and relatively inexpensive. By introducing artificial intelligence into the system, it is planned to simplify the work of doctors, without distracting the doctor himself into routine processes.

Now we do not have to wait for hours of reception of the local doctor. For a reasonable fee and at any time of the day we will be able to get a good doctor's advice. The distance between you and the doctor is no longer important.


Speaking of medicine, we are perfectly aware that help may be needed at any time of the day. Doctor Smart provides access to consultations of doctors around the clock. On the platform video calls are available or simply voice communication with the doctor.

Now, to get advice, you do not have to stand in line and wait for your time. The developers promise quick access to a qualified specialist.

The work of the platform will not be limited to the countries listed above, specialists can be consulted from any corner of the earth.

This platform will be useful both for doctors themselves with patients, and for insurance companies with medical institutions.

Doctor Smart will unite medical institutions, insurance companies, doctors and patients into one integrated structure. All the relationships that occur on the platform are open and reliable, this will be facilitated by the use of block technologies. The whole history of the patient's illnesses will be stored on the detachment, access to it will be possible only with the permission of the patient and only for the doctor who conducts the consultation. The decision taken by the doctor will not be able to substitute or hide. The patient will be able to track the qualifications of the specialist and the degree of his competence.

All calculations on the platform will occur for the internal coin of the DSTT project.


Coin ticker - DSTT
Coin platform - ERC20 (Ethereum)
ICO period - May 16, 2018 to July 30, 2018
Soft cap - 5 000 000 USD
Hard cap - 50 000 000USD
Total will be issued - 28 500 000 DSTT
The minimum amount of investment is 0.1 ETH
The cost of 1000 DSTT = 1 ETH
Buy coins for - BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC MVP - IS
Passage of KYC - Yes


Pavel Roitberg (the founder of the project ) rightly believes that patients should receive advice at any place and at any time of the day. In this case, patients should have full access to their medical history and medical records and, if necessary, may be subject to public audit.

Openness to all stakeholders (patient, doctor, insurance company and medical institutions) is what is now clearly lacking in this industry.

Doctor Smart fully meets these requirements, which should favorably affect the development of the project.

The success of the project is believed by early investors, who have already invested several million dollars in this project.

It remains to be hoped that the project will receive the necessary investment will develop and provide quality consultations to its patients.


Link to the website - https://doctorsmart.io/

Group in Telegram - https://t.me/DoctorSmart_ICO

Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DoctorSmartEng/

Official Twitter - https://twitter.com/DoctorSmartEng

Whitepaper - https://doctorsmart.io/whitepaper_rus.pdf

The theme of the project on the forum is - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3799820

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