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The "Asura Coin" project is an attempt to create a global platform that will stimulate the development of e-sports in the world and provide users with a convenient tool for placing bets on events in the field of e-sports. The introduction of the internal token into the turnover will enable the fans not only to watch the broadcasts of the competitions, but also to earn them by receiving various types of rewards.

General information about the project

As the IT industry develops, the number of people who watch e-sports competitions is constantly increasing. However, with the growth of mass character there are many problems that limit the further development of this sphere. Among them - insufficient financial incentives for participants in the competition, as well as threats related to the protection of personal information and ensuring the safety of athletes. The authors of the project "Asura Coin" offer to get rid of the indicated problems. They create a completely autonomously functioning platform that will ensure the conduct of cyber competition and provide the necessary ecosystem for this. At the start, it is planned to focus on the four most popular games for which digital competitions are held:


King of Glory;

Dota 2;


Unlike other similar projects, the authors of which tried to create similar platforms, Asura Coin will provide users with several unique advantages:

  1. The ability to bet on events in the field of e-sports. The platform will help users to switch from the use of ordinary bookmakers, where the rates need to be made in the national currency in cash, to a more ethical version where the internal platform token is used. Thanks to this, it will be possible to create unique rules ensuring the safety and reliability of all operations;
  2. An opportunity to watch online broadcasts of competitions. Within the framework of the "Asura Coin" platform, it is planned to launch separate services that will enable to view the competitions of cybersportsmen in real time without paying a fee for it;
  3. Providing personal guides. To familiarize with all the features of the platform, users will be able to use the guides. With their help, each participant can become a professional gamer through training based on videos, annotations, signals, etc. In addition, users for a fee can order a training service with professional e-sports;
  4. Possibility to organize own competitions and create sports communities. Users can not only watch live broadcasts and bet on results, but also conduct their own matches and look for partners for the game. When organizing the competition, the platform will act as a regulator, which will ensure the fairness and transparency of the event.

Platform Token

To conduct mutual settlements between the participants and ensure the functioning of Asura Coin, it is planned to launch the "ASA" token. With its help, users will be able to make bets and receive payments on them, receive a fee for providing the content platform, guide services, etc. In the platform, it is planned to launch 1 billion ASA, of which a third is planned to be sold within the preliminary sale, and 35% within the framework of "krauseyla". The rest will form a reserve fund and go to the ownership of the development team. Initially, the ASA tokens will be sold at a price of 2 US cents per unit. Within the ICO, it is planned to achieve a hard cap of $ 12 million.


The popularity of e-sports is constantly growing and this process is not going to stop in the near future. The market of sports betting rates, which can be done on the Internet, also shows not less growth rates. Since the project "Asura Coin" unites both spheres, the prospects for success of its authors are very high. However, for the launch it is important that all the platform tools are implemented at the proper level and the developers offer users all the possibilities that are referred to in White Paper.


Website - https://asuracoin.io
Telegram - https://t.me/asuracoin
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/asuracoin
Twitter - https://twitter.com/asuracoin
Whitepaper - https://asuracoin.io/whitepaper.pdf

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