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It is already difficult to surprise us with something new in the sphere of services. More and more people are accustomed to ordering food, clothes, paying for telephone or utilities without leaving their homes or offices, paying interest on loans and mortgages. In the network, you can always come across offers of instant loans or loan formalities.

The security issue in this situation is very shaky. With the growing demand for services of this kind, not only the supply grows, but numerous fraudsters and amateurs of easy profit are becoming more active. To issue this kind of services without leaving home in reliable sources is still quite difficult.

This weak point has become a source of inspiration for developers of the Block66 platform. The system is built on the basis of blocking technology and is aimed at registering mortgage lending in online mode. This system serves as a tool for processing and transferring credit from executors to borrowers.

The entire process is operational and transparent, going online, without the need for physical presence. A simple and effective mechanism makes it possible to make the service popular and liquid both for investors and those who are looking for sources of financing. For calculations, tokens are used, which allows you to skip the procedure for issuing invoices, it is enough to have a purse.


How does it work
The developers of the platform pursue the goal of creating a mortgage lending system, for which geographic restrictions will not matter. In addition, such a scheme will be simple and understandable for all, which guarantees transparency of the transaction and the security of both the borrower and those who finance.

Only those financial organizations that are loyal enough and transparent to consumers will be able to offer their services. Thus, giants and new players will be able to work, which simply because of market monopoly could not work and develop normally.

This is a kind of single base in which you can immediately get acquainted with all the statistics and reviews about those who offer their services and who they need.

The platform is closed and well-concluded, which guarantees the exclusion of the possibility of any fraud.

The system is built in such a way that the services will cost several times cheaper. For creditors and brokers, there are fairly strict work restrictions, which allows borrowers to obtain financing on the most favorable terms. Information about transactions is carefully protected and stored. The deal becomes absolutely transparent for both parties.

For many consumers, the conditions extended by banks and their requirements are practically impracticable. Huge rates, high interest rates, bonded terms of insurers and a high price for brokerage services. Many consumers are forced to overpay at times for mortgages.

The downside is the stiff competition in the market that simply does not allow organizations with more interesting conditions to enter the market. The Giants created a monopoly and dictate the requirements that are interesting to them, not to the customers. The new system is aimed at combating such a problem.

To start the system, developers have to go through a number of required steps:

Preparation of documentation;
Preparation for the establishment of the headquarters of the apartment and its opening;
Run in test mode;
Trial crediting;
Testing of all mechanisms from receipt to maturity;
The partners of the system are well-known financial organizations that are ready to become the first who will finance such know-how.

Such a system can bring benefits even to new and young organizations that are ready to provide financing on loyal terms, but due to the high competition in the market they can not get through to it. The system provides equal conditions for all who are ready to act honestly and transparently, regardless of whether it is a large corporation or a small enterprise. For borrowers, this is an opportunity to choose the best offer, and not advertising from the giants.

For brokers will be forced to reduce rates for the services they provide, which will make the final product cheaper.For insurers, the work is minimized, since the risks associated with the use of the system are minimized, and hence the cost of such services will be lower. The collection of information and its provision will be answered by brokers who will provide and a full calculation of the cost of the mortgage, including grids for their repayment.

The system uses unprecedented verification mechanisms, which involve the possibility to check the borrower and make sure of the security of giving him funds. Creditors will also check and compile data and ratings of their reliability, which form a single database. Each borrower will receive unique data in the form of a crypto-currency account, where it will be necessary to make payments on the loan received.

The development team consists of specialists in completely different spheres. These are professionals of a technical nature, bank experts, experts in the field of mortgage lending. Their baggage of knowledge and skills will allow you to take into account all the pitfalls and think through all the processes to the smallest detail. The possibility of fraud is excluded from both the borrower and the financial institution.

The system will allow you to get a mortgage on much more favorable terms than the banking sector offers. At the end of 2018, the first data on the platform's performance will be available.

The project will be a breakthrough in the banking and investment sector and will be of great benefit to those who need a mortgage. Now you do not need to overpay only for advertising or the name of the financial organization, bonded rates of insurers, caused by high risks and paying fees to brokers. Get a long-awaited mortgage can be without leaving home, with much lower rates and without fear that you will be able to fall for the hidden conditions.

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