HyCon - Soon the listing on OKEx?

HYCON launched mainnet and Lite-purse.  Soon the listing on OKEx?  

          In the spring of this year, several notable ICOs passed, whose teams are promoting the construction of their own detachment.  Great interest in the crypto-exchange community was caused by ICO, conducted by Korean projects.  

          Despite the prohibition of carrying out crowdsale with the use of crypto-currency by the regulators of South Korea, their ICO successfully conducted EdenChain, Yggdrash and Hycon.  It's no secret that the cryptomania has firmly settled in the heads of the population of this developed South Asian country, the Bithumb and Upbit exchanges occupy top places on the Coinmarketcap in terms of trading volumes, Korean officials are no longer so strict towards the crypt; on the contrary, statements are made about the friendly regulation of the digital assets market,  but because attention to the South Korean blockchain  is increased.  And if EdenChain and Yggdrash after the fundraising went into the shadows, the Hycon project on the contrary tends to stake out its place in the sun.  

          Recall that HYCON (Hyper-Connected Coin) is a crypto currency based on a faster and more scalable blockchain developed by the Glosfer team, eventually the project should be transformed into an Infinity Project.  The use of DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) allows several units to be created simultaneously with the ability to resolve conflicting transactions and to reject double charges through its own consensus algorithm SPECTER.  This makes HYCON a new generation of crypto currency, which can be used in the real economy.  HYCON is the first stage of the Infinity Project ecosystem and is positioned for widespread adoption as an effective means of exchanging value for enterprises, governments and individuals.  Together with the blockchain Infinity, HYCON will manage the Infinity (Phase 2) platform and the decentralized Infinity exchange (Phase 3).  

          As it was planned by the project team on June 1, the mainnet network of Hycon was launched, while the team launched the network live.  

          An open source code was also laid out on GitHub.  Now everyone can join the Hycon mining, as the blockchain  works on classic PoW.  In total, 70% of coins out of a total of 10 billion will be mined during the mining. 

          Hycon took part in voting for the coin of the month at the largest Okex exchange.  Following the voting results of the users, the winner is listed on the stock exchange.  Hycon took second place among 23 participants, which indicates a great interest in the development of the project, as well as a strong and dedicated community.  

          Hycon integrates its coin into the Ledger Nano S, so soon, its coins can be stored on a hardware purse of increased security.  Developers Hycon announced Lite-purse for Chrome, as it eliminates the need to run a node on the computer and download the entire blockchain.  The wallet is fully synchronized with the network for transactions, as well as provides an improved level of security for users and stops the possibility of phishing.  In the near future, the Hycon team is aimed at adding to the crypto-exchange exchanges, it is promised fast listing on Okex and BitZ.

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