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Good afternoon, dear readers! Now there are many problems in the field of vacancies and job search. A huge number of people who can not find themselves and their place in life because of unemployment, require help. But so far, all attempts to optimize the process of hiring the workforce have ended in failure. They tried to solve this problem in different ways - they created separate profile institutions, pre-arranged talented students with the condition of paying their training by the employer, created hundreds of tests to determine the real level of knowledge of specialists. It did not work because the level of education and the real qualifications of the employee are very different things. Especially now, when the classical education system is so outdated and has ceased to be effective. It turns out that a person is issued with a diploma from an excellent university, he must be well versed in his field, be an already trained specialist ... but instead often learns really useful things already at the workplace, while allowing a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies that bring serious losses to the employer. The reasons for this may be different - from the negligence of teachers to corruption, but more often everything is much simpler - the university simply does not provide relevant knowledge in the area where the student is studying.

By the way, this problem is twofold and concerns not only employers. Graduated students, even with the skills of work, also face a lot of difficulties. Their CVs do not stand out so much among their peers that finding a job can only help a happy opportunity or a useful acquaintance. In general, there has long been a need for an advanced platform that would unite workers and employers. This is the tool for all participants of the labor market and created the developers of SpringRole.

The main idea of the project, its features and roadmap.

The problem of today's classical system of attestation is that it is relative and does not reflect the real state of things. Suppose we take an average graduate of a university - he has a diploma of higher education in any specialty, perhaps a record of some practices, but there is no idea of ​​the specific work that he should do in his specialty. And in the labor market, he is not needed by anyone, even if he has considerable abilities and a passion for this cause. Employers prefer people who have already shown themselves in practice, even if they are worse on some other parameters. After all, such employees are more reliable, more customary and will not incur losses, but the young trainee still needs to be trained, to look after him and explain many nuances.

But such a scheme also hinders large companies, because first of all every corporation is pushed forward by young talents. An employee of an age is not so daring to offer a revolutionary idea. Progress is being pushed by young people, the more age they already have, the thinking is a scientific fact. And the personnel department needs to resolve a serious dilemma - to attract promising students, while monitoring their personal qualities and other necessary selection factors.

SpringRole offers to simplify the process of hiring personnel thanks to the technology of blocking. Everyone can make a resume, which will describe the skills, education and other things necessary for the employer. At the same time, all the data that is entered in the questionnaire will be carefully checked, which excludes the possibility of fraud and deception. In general, employers get access to a huge number of checked resumes, and young professionals - the opportunity to get into a prestigious position. At the same time, SpringRole is not a "one-day" project, which is now widely divorced in the network.

Developers from 2015 in Santa Monica carefully study all aspects of the future platform. The first documentation appeared in late 2017, and in February they launched a beta test of the project. The public launch of SpringRole is planned in March 2019, so that the team had time to complete all the details of their offspring.

Details of the sale of tokens and ICO as a whole

If we consider separately the SpringRole tokens, then the developers of the platform did not invent anything unusual. The coin is developed on the basis of an etherium, the standard protocol is ERC20. On the other hand - and why come up with something new, if there is an old and proven technology? Will be released more than 10 billion tokens - a decent amount, even by modern standards, and the minimum threshold at which the platform will continue to develop - 21,000 airspace or about $ 10 million. And attention - on the sale of developers put up only a quarter of the total capital of coins. That is, they are absolutely sure that all coins are quickly sold out and the rest can be put on marketing and other auxiliary purposes. Moreover - the remaining tokens will be blocked once in a period of four years - that is, SpringRole authors are even "insured" against reinvestment in the project.

Team and personal opinion about the project

What about SpringRole developers? In fact, a little - they all, of course, have experience working on similar projects, but in large positions are not lighted, so it can not be said that a steep and absolute reliable team works on the platform. Nevertheless, programmers know their business - this can be seen even on the site SpringRole, which is made at a high level. Team Leader Kartik Mandavil is a good businessman and has been working on his cherished dream for many years.

SpringRole is very well developed against the background of other modern projects. Good design, several stages of verification, beta version, incomplete sale of tokens - the team clearly prepared well for all possible scenarios. The platform will clearly attract interest because of its creative ideas in the field of blockbusters, well, what will happen next - depends solely on the SpringRole team.

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