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          The development of Blockchain burst with great speed into our world.  Many of the usual aspects of life have completely changed with the advent of this technology.  Every day, this technology develops and scales.  There are new projects based on this technology.  The high speed of development and distribution reveals many flaws in this platform.  Almost every project based on Blockchain changes and completes this platform.  There was a group of developers who completely changed this system, and on the basis of Blockchain created its own technology called EdenChain.

          EdenChain is a Korean platform that uses the basis of decentralized Blockchain technology, which allows you to conduct cryptographic currency transactions at high speed.  This technology allows you to more safely and quickly make any transactions with cryptographic currency.  You can turn any of your assets into cryptographic currency and vice versa.  This currency will have all the ways that such currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others possess.  

          The developers supplemented and finalized all aspects of Blockchain technology, and created their own decentralized, scalable platform.  To implement all transactions, EdenChain uses the technology of smart contracts.  Let's figure out how this will work.  We need to take any tangible or intangible asset.  In order to turn it into a cryptographic currency that we can use in transactions, we need the technology of smart contracts.  The next step, with the help of EdenChain platform technologies, we turn these assets into cryptographic currency.  This token will have all the properties of various cryptographic currencies.  Everything is fast and simple enough.  This will make money transactions much faster and with a minimum commission.  The only problem, the question remains, what is supported by this cryptographic currency?  

          Problems and solutions to them With the increase in the cryptographic currency market, there are more and more problems with the implementation of various projects.  Constantly developers patch holes in the existing Blockchain, increasing its characteristics, speed, safety and efficiency.  Digital assets have become popular in a very short period of time.  All major companies have transferred their assets to the cryptographic world, making them more accessible and safe to use.  The only technology that at that time took over all this pressure of transactions was Blockchain technology.  Naturally, its capacities were not enough, and a lot of variants of the revised Blockchain system began to appear.  The solutions of all these problems were taken up by the Korean development team, which offered its solutions, using its own EdenChain platform.  

EdenChain project technologies 

          This platform is a scalable system built on unique algorithms of work, written by the developers themselves.  Any user, no matter where he is, can become a member of this site.  To do this, you need to pass a special verification and authentication from the developers of this chain.  If you pass the test successfully, the developer will issue the appropriate permission.  

EdenChain technology consists of three interacting layers: 

  • the register, designed to distribute flows in the chain;  
  • layer, to perform various transactions;  
  • bridge layer, which allows to fasten all elements of the chain.  

          All three layers are very important when working with EdenChain.  Let's take a closer look at each layer, and try to understand the principle of its operation.  The first layer is the distribution register.  This technology is more like a database that is processed using Blockchain technology.  This, which are unified in this layer, go a step further.  In order to decentralize the functionality of the database system, EdenChain uses the Linux Foundation technology.  

          This technology works in a rigid connection with Blockchain.The second layer is the execution and validation of all transactions.  With this layer, the technology of smart contracts identifies the transactions passing through it.  In addition to defining transactions, it is engaged in setting up combined links between the participants in the chain, thereby increasing the security of the system.  Also, there is an increase in the speed and quality of transactions, using the specialized EVM technology.  The last layer, this is a bridge layer, allowing to connect all the elements of the chain together.  This layer provides reliable communication between components, allowing reliable and lossless, to pass through all transactions in the chain.  Because there are special nodes inside and outside the Blockchain chain, E-Protocol technology is used for their interconnection.  This technology, allowing connections and chains of transactions, to pass the path much faster and safer. 

Idea EdenChain 

          Edenchain technology, will allow every interested user to become a part of this cryptographic chain.  To realize these opportunities, the developers have combined all the necessary technologies for joint and high-quality work.  

          EdenChain offers a more automated and convenient chain, for the implementation of transactions.  The developers of the platform plan to change the type of the transmission chain from the public to the authorized one, which will allow the introduction of these chains in various commercial organizations without any risk.  

Advantages of the project 

The Edenchain system has several advantages over its analogues in the market.  Let's take a closer look at them: 

  • Speed.  This system allows you to increase the speed of the passage of various transactions through your circuit.  Also, the system allows to increase the platform scalability speed.  
  • Security.  Due to the technologies used, the platform allows several times to increase the security and overall level of system security.  
  • Lack of mining.  All transactions pass through a structured and decentralized chain.  This will allow the cryptographic currency to be firmly entrenched on the cryptographic exchange.  
  • Possibility to create cryptographic currency.  A unique system that allows you to digitize all available assets very quickly and conveniently.  
  • Low commission.  Using improved technologies, allows the system to minimize commission fees, for the passage of transactions through chains.  

The EdenChain project team 

          The development team consists of six highly qualified specialists in the field of cryptographic technologies.  All of them have great experience in creating similar projects and platforms based on Blockchain technology.  The whole team consists of the following developers: 

  • James An - the founder of the company and its general manager;  
  • Jenin Rio is a CO-Founder and security system developer;  
  • Hokun Kim - developer of the security system and the circuit itself;  
  • Brian Park is a developer of algorithms;  
  • Kango Kip - developer of the promotion strategy;  
  • Hee Moon is the project manager.  


          There are many competitors on the market that have their own advantages and disadvantages.  The largest competitors are: Ethereum, EOS, NEO and others.  All of them allow you to perform similar functionality.  But the development and technical capabilities of EdenChain allow him to break into a new level of development of this technology.  The system does not have mining, it works very quickly with increased security.  All this works much better and more convenient than any competitor in the market.  

Characteristics of ICO 

          The company has its own cryptographic currency, called EDN.  This currency has the standard ERC20 based on Ethereum.  To participate in the ICO, the user must be authenticated.  The cost of the token at the beginning of sales is 0.06 dollars.  The ICO start date was set for May 2018, and is now closed.  A total of about 400,000,000 coins were allocated for sale.  A total of 1,000,000,000 coins were issued.

The distribution of tokens was as follows: 

  • for sale - 40%;  
  • initial sale - 18%;  
  • to partners - 15%;  
  • were postponed for project development - 12% ;  
  • for development - 10%;  
  • marketing and promotion - 5;  


          This project clearly deserves its attention.  The project has become so popular among investors that in a few minutes it raised more than $ 24 million, only on the sale of its tokens.  This is an excellent indicator for ICO in cryptographic projects.  The development team every day is working to improve and refine its site.  They smoothly move towards the goal, and they are not bad at it.  In the near future, we will hear EdenChain at the same level as Blockchain.

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