EagleX - Eagle Payment System

The EagleX project, promising and interesting for crypto currency holders, is gaining momentum, and has already gained the confidence of users. Created on the basis of Blockchain technologies, it offers advanced capabilities for using modern principles of data encryption. The original name of the project Eagle quickly received the prefix eXpand, demonstrating openness and freedom of action. On the basis of this blockage, a generation of perfect payment systems is developed, in comparison with conventional money. Thus, very soon the Crypto currency will become the same means of payment as traditional currencies. She will be able to pay for food in the store, pay a rent or a fine in the traffic police.

Used Blockchain
Initially, EagleX was built on the basis of Etherum, but the creators of the project already announced the transition to the IronGeekChain block. Conjugate the changes with the significant changes that this approach brings. Moreover, the project implemented a number of concepts, innovative for this area. Transaction verification is performed through the Iron dBFT component. In addition to the already announced EagleX token, its working analog Benz, similar to Gas y Neo, will also be used here.

Among the declared characteristics of the new Blockchain can be noted:

high level of quantum stability;
decentralization of application through the use of the Smart contract;
work with digital assets of various types;
Cold Staking;
use Advance dBFT Consensus;
availability of a desktop version of the payment service, web-purses, and their mobile counterparts;
The presence of Cold staking technology promises to holders of crypto currency a lot of interesting. For example, remuneration here will be charged, including simply on the funds posted on the accounts of Benz. Passive income in this case is formed by analogy with ownership of banking products. In addition, the holders of the crypto currency will be able to receive the proposed Eagle eyrdrops.

EagleX is one of the most promising projects in the modern crypto currency market. The international team did a great job to ensure that its offer was competitive against other analogues. In the long term, holders of new payment instruments are expected to receive very good revenues. This is quite sure most analysts.


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