DAEX - New thoughts about the project

At present, people's interest in crypto currency is growing exponentially. Already every ordinary person became interested in crypto currency. Some countries link their economies to the crypto currency, which shows the importance of it in the modern world. I have been looking for a project for a long time, in which it is possible to safely and reliably perform exchange processes without fear for my assets. I found a DAEX project and I want to talk about it in this article.

I am interested in investing in crypto currency and I want my transaction to be completely official and legally reinforced. This is very important, because such projects as DAEX will provide a clean deal and will be of interest for exchange processes. It is impossible not to say how risky it is even now sometimes to use exchange services. The risk of being deceived or a strange deal is always present. The DAEX team in turn analyzed the errors and inaccuracies of the old versions and created a unique project in which I can not find anything bad.

on this picture a table is made, which shows the differences between DAEX and centralized and distributed exchanges. In this chart, we can see how much different is the DAEX platform for the better. You can notice that to use this platform you need to pass KYC (Know your customer), that is, go through the verification process. This is done so that scammers can not launder money in this way and I consider using KYC justified and correct.
As I wrote just above, security here is at the highest level and I'll explain why. DAEX use a unique private key technology. This technology will return all assets to a person if he has lost somehow his private key. It's like this can happen to anyone, is not it?

How does the DAEX platform work?
The developers have worked hard and implemented several innovative solutions in this project.

A user-friendly mode where users can follow the updates without interruption
Built-in purse. It allows you to conduct trading on various exchanges without creating intermediate accounts and making this process as convenient as possible.
Bonus system, which awards the most active DAEX users.
Delineation of actions for trading and clearing. This ensures the security of the platform and the profitability of working in it.

The project team
About the team, you can write another article, because there really is something to tell. These are people who, if not the best, are among the best in their field and have tremendous experience in developing similar projects. I want to say about one person from the DAEX team, namely about Benjamin Gu, who has worked for a long time at leading companies in the US and China.
The main consultant of the project is Jason Tan. He is a great expert, Doctor of Science and has a lot of knowledge in the commercial and financial structures of the People's Republic of China, as well as in areas that are associated with the blockbuster.

The popularity of the project can be said by their telegram account, which already has more than 8000 thousand active participants and this figure is continuously growing. The popularity and involvement of the audience is very important for the project and DAEX has it all right.

I am very familiar with the project and can draw a conclusion about it. I want to say that it is not a dummy and will be very important for the crypto community as a whole. A convenient and safe platform will attract more and more people and this will play a positive role on the whole crypto community. DAEX starts Public Sale in the period from 9 to 14 September, for those who are interested in the project is a good opportunity to invest. DAEX will create all the amenities and provide security for assets. I will follow this project, which I recommend to do to you.



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