Cryptonia ICO Review

           I want to start my review with a direct introduction to the idea of  the Cryptonia project, let's talk about what this project represents and what idea it offers its potential investors.  

           Cryptonia.  Cryptonia Poker is a platform that combines such an excellent game as poker with the ability to play not for usual fiat funds, but directly the possibility of playing for a crypto currency.  This is really a unique and very promising direction.  There are millions of people in the world who are interested in poker and who play it.  By the way, at the moment the market of online gambling will reach $ 51.96 billion. These are simply incredible figures and opportunities.  But such an opportunity as playing poker on the crypto currency is not anywhere else in the world.  Thus, the preoptic Cryptonia offers us a completely unique idea, which has no analogues.  Thanks to the Cryptonia Poker platform, anyone in the world will be able to access the online poker platform on crypto-currency funds, rather than the familiar fiat ones.  

           To play in rooms Cryptonia Poker players will use Cryptonia, which is a token, which operates on the basis of the standard ERC-20 network of the Etherium.  Cryptonia - is a crypto currency, created directly for the poker room platform Cryptonia Poker.  The tokens themselves can be bought or sold anywhere in the world, which is another huge advantage of the Cryptonia project.  Thanks to this, any person in the world can access his favorite game using the Crypto currency.  

           Briefly summarizing the above, I want to note the prospects and uniqueness of the idea of  Cryptonia.  The idea is really unique and has no analogues in the whole world.  Thus, the platform Cryptonia Poker can conquer the whole world, removing from the leading positions such platforms as PokerStars, which do not accept crypto currency as payment.  

           ICO.  I would also like to discuss in more detail the ICO of the Cryptonia project directly, saying how long it is being conducted and what results it shows at the moment.  

           I want to immediately note that ICO project Cryptonia shows very good results and at the moment the project has already overcome Soft Cap and gradually moves to Soft Cap.  

           At the time of writing, the Cryptonia project's fees are 15,195,732 ETH, which is a very impressive and serious indicator.  Also I want to note that at the current price for Ethereum ($ 500), investments in the Cryptonia project look most attractive.  

           In order to start investing in the Cryptonia project, you need to go through a simple registration, confirm your e-mail address, specify the ETH purse and then you will be available to the cabinet in which you can already begin the investment in the Cryptonia project.  You can purchase tokens using either Ethereum or Bitcoin.  Payment is presented in a fairly convenient and intuitive way.  

           The result.  To summarize, I want to say that the idea of  the Cryptonia project really deserves your attention.  The project is uni-versal and very promising, there are no similar projects anywhere in the world, which adds uniqueness to this project.  It is also worth noting high ratings of the project and interest from investors.  At the time of this writing, 15,155,732 ETH have been collected, which is an excellent indicator, indicating a great interest in the project from investors.  In addition, it is worth mentioning the very team of the project, which is developing a clearly unique product of very high quality.  Proceeding from all this, I want to say that the Cryptonia project undoubtedly deserves to be noticed.  But hurry, the ICO project ends on July 1, 2018.

IСO [10 April, 2018 - 01 Jul, 2018]


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