Bitcoin. Hypothetical Cartels? EOS 50,000 transactions. Cardano $1 trillion

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Minershop video Bitcoin. Hypothetical cartels? EOS 50,000 transactions. Cardano $1 trillion you will see the European Parliament: digital currencies of Central banks can increase competition in the cryptocurrency market

where Researchers also distinguish competition at the cryptocurrency level and at the level of service providers such as exchanges and wallets. The first level is characterized by a "network effect", since a high number of followers of one cryptocurrency may limit the opportunities to enter the market of other cryptocurrencies. This opens the door to collusion of participants in hypothetical cartels, according to the authors of the document

Mike Novogratz: the performance of the EOS will soon reach 50 thousand transactions per second Charles Hopkinson hopes that Cardano (ADA) will reach a capitalization of $1 trillion

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