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The global market of trust management has grown by more than 250% in recent years, but the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, despite its active growth since 2017. Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining a foothold of the world community - quotations are growing steadily, which causes an increasing interest of users. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, the creation and control of which are based on cryptographic methods of processing information. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to Fiat money. Everything is transparent here, as honestly as possible, projects are based on the blockchain technology - a distributed database that conducts instant transfers, you should not wait for confirmation of transactions, as in cases with banking operations, there are no unnecessary and unnecessary costs, and this technology protects against various frauds - Payment fraud is excluded here. Operations are performed anonymously. The decentralized area is unusually new and is identified as a project that is still in its infancy, but has tremendous development opportunities in almost all sectors of the economy. Decentralization is a key feature of the blockchain application. ZEUX company creates a platform based on Blockchain technology.

How does the ZEUX platform work?

Most of the financial services on the market suffer from the current problems that the ZEUX ecosystem will solve:

  • Inconvenient and difficult investment
  • Difficult access to cryptoinvestments
  • High fees for international transfers
  • No integrated solution for all products

ZEUX offers a solution to the above problems by creating a single revolutionary platform that will open access to all financial products, thanks to ZEUX you will get financial freedom!

The platform aggregator will provide access to a variety of investment products from different providers, both in Fiat and in cryptocurrency:

  • option to compare accounts, fees, conditions and profitability
  • integrated office for managing various bank accounts (via Open Banking / PSD2)
  • secure decentralized data storage KYC (Know Your Customer — know your customer) with a record on the blockchain, as well as a concierge service for the convenience of opening accounts
  • secure mobile payments using NFC technology in major crypto and fiat currencies for most POS systems
  • no registration fee and no annual service fee
  • no conversion fees
  • use of Zcoin's global cross-border token for fast, reliable and free international payments

The platform interface gives access to all savings and investment user accounts in just a few simple steps. Various banking and investment products are conveniently displayed on one home screen, so that the user can quickly complete the necessary financial transactions. Clients send instructions through the Zeux interface and simultaneously receive information and messages from various providers.

The heart of Zeux is the financial ecosystem and personal data storage. This functionality will allow users to securely manage their personal data in a secure blockchain space, and also use the entered data for quick and easy opening of new banking and investment accounts. All user data will be encrypted and stored in a secure storage of personal data; the corresponding hash will be stored in a decentralized distributed blockchain network. Records of the user's key financial operations on the platform will be added to the repository, if the client agrees to this. Such information may be used to pass KYC in the future. As soon as the user sends a request to open a new financial account with a particular provider to the Zeux platform, the Zeux concierge service will submit a corresponding application on behalf of the user and facilitate the access to the KYC hash on the blockchain and to the link to the client's personal data in the repository. This will greatly speed up registration.

Zeux is a complete ecosystem, users will get a complete picture of their financial transactions. With the help of artificial intelligence and data analytics, the platform will be able to recommend to each user suitable, individually tailored investments, based on its financial profile, preferences, risk appetite and other factors identified by the system.

Below are the details of the ICO

Project Development Schedule

The ZEUX team is experienced and enthusiastic professionals who make this project a reality. It brought together experts in the field of cryptocurrency, computing systems, mobile technologies and large-scale application development. These people have a huge amount of experience behind them and a lot of successfully implemented projects!


Website https://www.zeux.tech/
Whitepaper https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/Zeux-Whitepaper-Russian.pdf
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Bounty https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5104743.0
Twitter https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ZeuxApp/
Telegram https://t.me/ZeuxApp
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Zeux/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/zeux/
Meduim https://medium.com/zeux

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