EtherZero (ETZ) is a new generation of smart contract platform (public chain)!

The most valuable resource in the world is no longer oil, but data! Our community is changing, attracting and popularizing cryptocurrencies in the world, because this area is based on the blockchain technology, where everything is transparent, honest and safe. Cryptocurrencies are quickly gaining the position of the world community - quotes are steadily growing, which causes a growing interest of users. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the creation and management of which is based on cryptographic methods of processing information. Everything is transparent here, as far as possible, projects are based on blockchain technology - a distributed database that performs instant transfers, you do not need to wait for confirmation of transactions, as in the case of banking operations, there are no unnecessary costs, and this technology protects against fraud. The decentralized region has great potential for development in almost all sectors of the economy. Decentralization is a key feature of the blockchain application. The global market of trust management has grown by more than 250% in recent years, but the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, despite its active growth since 2017. The daily trading volume on cryptocurrency sites amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, because cryptocurrency is the unchanging future, which is rapidly gaining the favor of the world community. In the world of digital currencies, projects are based on blockchain technology - a distributed database that conducts instant transfers, without waiting for confirmation of transactions, as in cases with banking operations, without unnecessary and unnecessary costs, this technology also protects against various frauds. The use of unique technology blockchain allows you to move to a new level. Companies promote their projects, popularize cryptocurrency in all possible ways. EtherZero does not stand aside and offers a platform based on blockchain technology.

In the new EtherZero network, the trading party can determine the number of checkers required to confirm the transaction independently. Since the outgoing time is reduced to 1 second, and the number of Masternotes is allowed to generate a block in cycle 21, so even with security in mind, all transactions can usually receive more than 99% confirmation within 3 seconds, and the final Etherzero transaction is confirmed for a maximum of 15 seconds. The confirmation is very fast, especially in comparison with the current available blockchain technology, as it can take from several minutes to several hours. Based on MPoS consensus and setting the right time for block generation and other EtherZero implemented more than 1,400 TPS transaction processing capabilities for thousands of master structures. EtherZero built a MPoS (Masternode + PoS) consensus mechanism based on DASH Coin. Masternode + Pow two-layer network and community autonomy structures and the consensus of the Click ETH algorithm. In this consensus mechanism, everyone can participate in the EtherZero transaction processing network and community autonomy after keeping the agreed number of EtherZero coins and build a server that meets the requirements. Since 21 masternods are selected from thousands of masternods in each approximately one hour of the voting cycle, this provides a very high degree of open decentralization. The proposal solution and budget allocation functions, based on voters in the mastode, were developed and integrated into the main EtherZero network. The zero transaction fee is revolutionary, and it can make any blockchain a real service in many possible applications. The most convincing tool of the EtherZero options is the commission without transactions. In EtherZero, the frequency of transaction initiation and the number of smart contract execution steps correlate positively with the account balance. This is not only to have a zero transaction cost, but it also takes into account the reasonable use of network resources and the restriction of attackers to launch DDoS attacks, which require large investments. The concept of zero transaction costs from an economic point of view really lead to decentralized applications in everyday life.


The EtherZero platform has its own wallets and ready-made applications.


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Competent approach of the team, which is the foundation of EtherZero, and the implementation of the planned stages will do its job and this project will win a well-deserved place in the world of cryptocurrency.

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