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The world of digital currencies opens up new opportunities for the whole world and humanity, expands horizons. Companies conduct ICOs, promote their projects, promote cryptocurrency in all possible ways. The functioning of cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain technology, which is a system of storing information in the form of a chain of blocks. In this case, all information is stored on a variety of devices that participate in this system, while anyone can become a member of this system (something similar to the torrent during the distribution / downloading of information). When conducting a transaction, information about such a payment is displayed on all devices (data is synchronized via the Internet), therefore, it is almost impossible to hack such a system. Therefore, companies one after another enter this area, because the advantages of developing projects in this system are obvious. So, DATABLOC represents a blockchain-based platform that allows individuals and organizations to store, monitor and protect data. DataBloc is the first solution where enterprise-quality service providers can download software that allows them to sell excess data storage and services over the Internet without the cost of customer acquisition — all within a secure block chain.

For service providers who want to use DataBloc software, not only host data from specific customers will have the ability to implement private mode. Private mode includes the only customers who can view and select a service provider, include customers who are invited by the service provider. For example, if a large Police Department builds a secure local storage solution, it will most likely have excess capacity. The police department will be the first to deploy DataBloc software to improve their data security. The Police Department will then be able to rent their excess capacity. The data consists of criminal evidence and camera records and are highly confidential. Thus, the police department has strict supply chain rules that may prevent it from interacting with certain parties. However, only users of the Police Department’s Private Mode will be able to rent out the excess storage capacity to proxies, such as a group of small police stations in the area. These smaller police departments, which may not have the capital to pay for their local decisions, can now interact with the large police station in order to store and reserve their confidential data. Thus, storage capacity is optimized, a large police department reduces overhead, and small police departments can access cheap, secure data services from a reliable vendor. In addition, DataBloc is waiting for new services and products to be added to the Internet platform over time. These products include services such as mobile storage, artificial intelligence and computer computing power.

The DataBloc software, also known as StoneFusion, will be the 9th generation. Solution Blockchain, developed by StoneFly, a well-proven service. The company is based in Silicon Valley. StoneFly has invested about $ 40 million in this product and works with more than 16 full-time development software developers. The software supports various data services and storage types and offers enterprise data quality optimization, availability, accessibility, encryption, and security. DataBloc takes StoneFusion to an Ethereum-based blockchain that allows you to use a token that facilitates an efficient exchange economy. Unlike fully decentralized settings, users will know and trust the nodes they choose to purchase data services.

The Ethereum platform utility standard token - STONE is a calculated unit of the DataBloc platform. The owners of these coins always receive the discount or bonuses prescribed by the company. Therefore, it is very beneficial to be a holder of STONE tokens. Ticker STONE will be a way to interact with the DataBloc Platform. The STONE token can be defined to represent future access to a company product or service. The defining characteristic of STONE is that they are not intended for investment. There are no guarantees or promises of return on investment. Tokens are the accounting unit for the network. The larger the network grows, the more useful the token is.

Investor phase is already underway and will end on 05/15/2009, and the main public sale of tokens will begin on 05/16/2009. and will end on 06/16/2009, thanks to which you can become part of the DATABLOC project and not just a participant, but also a full shareholder of this company by acquiring STONE tokens

Stages of development and formation of the project

The DATABLOC team is experienced and enthusiastic professionals, ready to translate this project into reality. It brought together experts in the field of cryptocurrency, computing systems, mobile technologies and large-scale application development. These people have a huge amount of experience behind them and a lot of successfully implemented projects.

DataBloc is the first enterprise sharing economy for storing data and ervices!

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