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Minsk Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies meetup report

On January 20, I organized my first meetup about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Minsk, Belarus. Many thanks to Agorise team (kenCode and Vlad), who gave me the motivation to take the first step in this direction. Suddenly, more than 20 people registered for the meeting, but we could not invite all of them, since I booked the hall for 8-10 people only. The guys who came to the meeting were very interesting people mainly from IT industry, but there were people who were not related to technologies and IT, such as lawyer Cyrill and marketer Daria.


I started my speech from the very beginning: what is blockchain, how this technology works, what is mining, how to mine and how to trade cryptocurrencies. We talked a lot about the BitShares, the direction of the market, the popularization of cryptocurrencies.

I was asked a lot of questions and strangely I answered 99% of them, although I do not consider myself as a professional in this industry. After my speech the participants chat among themselves, what they know about cryptocurrencies, where they trade and discussed their successes and failures.

As a result, I got acquainted with excellent guys, who are interested in the market of cryptocurrencies, shared with them my knowledge and skills. After two hours of communication, some guys left, and with the rest we continued our conversation till 1 AM. It was cool and I also picked up a lot of useful information for myself.

I hope that next time I will be able to find a large meeting place so I can invite everyone who wants to participate. Thanks again to Agorise for the opportunity to hold such meetings and for their motivation. You really make this world a little better.

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