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I am @klye - I Come From Where I am #25 Witness. Hi from Canada

Hi golos! I am KLYE from Canada! Come to check out how Russia does blockchain social media. :)

Come to check out your site. Looks really good so far! I'm afraid I know little Russian language. :/

I'm also #25 witness on STEEM network experiment.

Anyone care to share with me a link to a good translation site or place where I can start learning?

Thank you, Glad to be on Golos

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Hi Klye, I am witness 'kiwi' #32 here and will also try to reach the top. Hopefully I am good enough ;-)

English posts are here: /created/english

For translation try google translate. Ru -> En works well, but the other way round is a different story and you need a native Russian friend nearby ;)

28.10.2016 06:41

Yeah I am using google translate to read golos currently..

Is my english posting welcome here?

29.10.2016 16:27

Hi @klye! Welcome on board! Добро пожаловать на борт!

28.10.2016 06:44


29.10.2016 16:29


28.10.2016 08:38

Рады видеть вас тут! Нравятся твои гайды!

28.10.2016 08:48

Hey, I'm your fan on Steemit=) glad to see you here!

28.10.2016 09:10

Hi Dude!!))

28.10.2016 09:37

Heya! Welcome

28.10.2016 14:44

Hi Klye! :)
Glad to see you there too :)
I know you and like your post on steemit :)

31.10.2016 08:35

nice to see you here

04.11.2016 08:31

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