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Do you like make photos? Amateur level, semi-professional, professional? Have you ever thought that it is possible to make money with your photos?

I know, many people do it professionally, paparazzi, professional photographers, just freelancers. I got few friends that are semi-professional photographers, very often try to sell good photos. All of them not very happy/amused abut scheme that we got nowadays. Firstly – high fees. Secondly – very hard to control copyrights of photos taken There are millions of photos in internet that belongs to someone, but owners doesn´t received even 1c for them. I was waiting for that day, when photos will become a product – that is easy to sell/buy and control. Today it will become a reality with – Wemark .

Wemark is a startup based in Israel + San Francisco, and are about to change the way content marketplace is built. Why we may need such a company? Just to make life easier, change market from centralized to decentralized, give more profit to creators and content owners. Sounds good. But how it will be done I will explain below.

Basically company developing Blockchain based system, which will allow to distribute photos plus other content using Blockchain technology. Thus, system will be changed from centralized to decentralized, in this way that will allow to change market game rules. What it will bring? Creators are going to control their content using Blockchain technology, improved copyrights, more profit.

How it was mentioned above, there a lot of advantages of using Wemark technology for both sides. Creator will get a bigger profit because of less commission fees (Wemark plan to collect about 15%; for your information: nowadays fees are about, just imagine - 80%), in that way it is possible to propose better price for content. It is classical win-win situation for creator and customer, for everyone except broker/intermediary.
But that´s not all. There are much more advantages:

For Creators:

• Photographers keep all the rights to their content
• Photographers control the pricing of their photos.
• Photographers keep much more of their revenue.
• Photographers benefit from higher transparency.
• Photographers will be able to trust the system.

For Customers
• Flexibility
• Curation & modern collection
• Better prices
• Community support

For more details, please read Whitepaper of this project, it could be requested per email: Here .

Token sale and token
Interesting part for investors. Sale/Token Generation Event (TGE) start date: 07May2018 and will long just 2 weeks till 21May.
Total supply of token are limited to 135,000,000. But during sale there will be available only 38% from this number.
Summary of token please find at picture below.

Price for 1 token during sale will be 0.20$. Token supply is limited to this numbers and after will be no more tokens issued, also all unsold tokens will be burned after end of TGE. I found no information about KYC, so I suppose not required.

Intellectual property is big issue nowadays. It all started with ideas, music, movies and photos. Now, we are about to change way how content is sold, distributed and controlled – with Blockchain help. Wemark is going to be pioneer in this business. So, if you are investor looking for good option – this project definitely for you.

Alternatively, find your old camera and make some good pictures, or maybe you got some perfect shots that you want to share with everyone - you got an amazing chance to get 100% lifetime royalties, by joining Wemark till 01May2018 (Important – no payments are required), more details and join you can find on Wemark Homepage.

Home Page: https://www.wemark.com/ and https://tge.wemark.com/
Whitepaper: Whitepaper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_wemark
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WemarkOfficial/
Telegram: https://t.me/wemark
Bitcointalk ANN Bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3293253.0
All picture and video rights belongs to: Wemark

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