The Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP): more than just an idea

The shipping industry nowadays experiences a lot of problems. Some of them are related to rates, lack of space, security issues, regulations concerning environment. The development of the intermodal freight container in the middle of the 20th century was a revolution, but today it is not enough. The container industry needs a more efficient system, which will become a solution to the mentioned problems and improve shipping processes.

What you need to know about GSCP
GSCP is more than just a project. It is aiming at becoming the first freight container registry in the world and the primary blockchain based platform that allows all its users to perform various transactions related to the freight containers’ handling and operation. GSCP was introduced by a company called Blockshipping, a Danish company, which has a lot of expertise in the shipping industry.

The blockchain technology provides transparency in all operations of freight container industry. All users of the platform, i.e. ship owners, cargo owners, operators will be able to communicate in real-time, and that will result in great cost saving and an increase of efficiency.

Besides, GSCP will affect positively the environment, and that is a great advantage for each of the human being on the earth. The preliminary analysis showed that GSCP will decrease the CO² emission by more than 4.5 tons. Additionally, it is expected that NOx emission will be reduced as well.

The initial cost offering has already started and currently, the public can join ICO on the official website of Blockshipping. The platform uses two types of token described below.

GSCP tokens

The platform offers two kinds of token: CPT (Container Platform Token), which is internal and CCC (Container Crypto Coin) being an external revenue share taken. The internal token will be utilized by all players on the platform as a payment method for the transactions within GSCP.

The company came with the idea to issue two types of token in order to prevent a scenario, where a successful performance of one token on the market in the long term can affect its performance in the internal market. For that reason, it was decided to have two separate tokens with a separate role.

Tokens are available for purchase during pre-sale and ICO. One token will cost 0.62 USD during ICO and 50 000 000 CCC tokens will be issued in total. 2.500 000 tokens will be given for bonuses, 10 % will be allocated to the Media, advisors, and partners, while 5 % will be kept with the founders. The platform offers an opportunity to the all users to sell their tokens back to the platform.

GSCP is being globally adopted since people see a great potential in this revolutionary project. It is expected that container industry will be able to save at least 5,7 mln usd every year. The platform will help to reduce CO² and NOx emissions. The main goals of GSCP is to become the first blockchain registry and platform for the container industry within next 2 years.

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