Solving global climate problems using blockchain and Zero Carbon Project

As Francois Hollande once said “We have a single mission: to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation.” Climate change is happening now, it is a real-time problem and if nothing is done, the consequences can be unavoidable. Today on the market we can find many kinds of renewable energy, but not many people can afford it due to the high price. We are all being worried about the global problem, but at the same time we still choose more economic electricity sources. Is there any solution to the problem? Are we capable of saving the planet?

Zero carbon project

Zero Carbon project aims at reducing levels of carbon emission for a shorter time and cheaper price, than renewable energy. Using a blockchain platform, the project gives an opportunity to all of us- energy users and professional scientists to contribute in carbon emission reduction. If all goes as planned, within 15 years the levels of carbon emission will be at minimum levels.

How does it work?

Along with blockchain, the platform uses also international carbon credits, which allow suppliers compete with each other. This kind of strong competition leads to drastic price drop. Basically, the process in the platform can be described as follows:

• in the beginning energy offers are being submitted to the platform;
• offers are being compared through a special system;
• all available options are presented to the energy consumers;
• consumers evaluate these options and choose the best one according to their needs and can get in touch with the supplier directly.

A token used as a payment method on the platform is Energis token.

Zero carbon token

Energis tokens (NRG) are now available on private pre-sale for all contributors. 20 000 000 are available for pre-sale and the price will have 50 % discount. You can register for tokens’ sale on the official website of the project.
Energis Tokens can be also obtained in exchange of other types of cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain platform. Out of totally issued 240 mln tokens 115 mln are available for sale. Token’s base price if 0.20 USD. The project also offers a referral program, during which both introducer and contributor will receive 10 % bonus.

Who is managing the project?
The professional team of experts, managing the project, comes from a company which has almost a century of experience in energy market. The name of the group is worth to remember: Beond. Despite high professionalism and experience, the team constantly uses services of advisors and consultants in blockchain technology. Beond is passionate about its work and has a clear goal to reduce carbon emission in the world to zero as fast as possible.

The climate change problem is developing too fast, renewable energy technology is expensive and takes time to solve the problem. Understanding the need for a fast and effective solution, Beond came up with a Zero carbon project. This blockchain platform can achieve a massive cost saving and allow energy users to make a real change in the world.

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