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Just imagine, you are company with terabytes of different data, that are not usable and not confidential. What to do with that? Keep longer, erase, sale? Sale? Yes, this is what I am talking about, Repux will allow you to sell all data that you want to companies that will use this information for machine learning and development of artificial intelligence (AI). So, it sound like you can earn with something that you don´t use and moreover don´t need. But how?

Repux is protocol, is revolutionary company that gives "new oil", which is data to developers that need this data to train machines by learning new algorithms, thereby developing AI.

How it works
It is easy as 123. You as a business owner sell your data, of course anonymized and protected, for this data you get repux tokens. Next step is developers buy this data to train machines and sell back intelligent applications for better business solutions.

In easy words it is win-win situation, business sells data, developers are happy to get data and train machines. All this data goes via Repux protocol, so it will be safe for both sides. And developers can sell applications and algorithms back to business, so business can improve.

What is Repux

Repux is protocol, that combines a lot of decentralized technologies in one single protocol, such as IPFS, Ethereum and so on. More details and explanation you could find in Whitepaper

Why it is interesting

As I wrote already many times before, AI, IoT is our future, and this future is coming very fast. Repux helps AI to improve much more faster than ever before. You might of course be skeptic about all that thins. But it is a very good chance to change our world to better one.

Token sale
Project is very ambitious, that´s why tokens sale is divided to 2 big parts. PreSale and Sale. Company now on the PreSale stage, which started 17Nov2017 and will finish 05Mar2018. During PreSale will be sold 100,000,000 Repux tokens, with up to 50% bonus (or discount, call as you wish). Sale itself will start right after 06Mar2018 and will last a months till 05Apr2018. Discount will apply as well, but not so big as now. Just advice, if your are willing to buy and support Repux, AI and our future - buy before sale started.

Token price is fixed during sale and preSale and it is 0.20$. You can buy tokens with ETH, BTC and USD, also you got an option to pay with EUR, JPY and some other cryptocurrency, more details and full instruction you can find in this participation guide

You may not admit it, but you can´t resist it - AI is coming. All what you saw in Terminator will be live soon. Just joke. We are now performing Fourth Industrial Revolution, IoT and AI will be child of that revolution and data is mother. So I propose to all of you, not to waste this opportunity and join this revolutionary project - Repux Protocol

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