MBYS decentralized professional network

MBYS is a concept of decentralized professional network, which aims at replacing the modern B2B model. MBYS tries to suggest the platform, where any professional will be able to connect safely to another professionals, check and update his data.

Problems with the current system

The capitalism is based on the business relationships, attracting attention of your employers. Currently, there is no any environment, which can facilitate a secure professional network, no system which can provide with the easy purchase of the profile information. In many cases the information about people resources can be stolen or transferred without people’s knowledge.

Think about LinkedIn. How many of your connections in LinkedIn are people whom you personally know? Many users of LinkedIn acknowledged that they get connected to people whom they don’t know. It leads to the growth of quantity but decreases the quality. Where are the guarantees that our business data is not being hacked and/or used by someone else?

The purpose of MBYS is to create a way for the professionals dictate their conditions, customize the data and control who will receive this data. The users of the platform will get access by purchasing MESH (Mutual Exchange Service Hash) tokens.

MESH tokens

With the help of MESH token protocol, there will be no more middlemen. The users of MBYS platform will decide when and with whom their information shall be shared.

51 % of all issued 45,000,000 MESH tokens will be offered for sale. After the initial sale is completed, the new tokens will be available only for the purchase via the platform.21 % the platform will keep in the reserve, the rest of the tokens will be distributed to the management, employees, advisors and rewards.

MBYS users can get rewards for the following activities:
• Connecting with the other user;
• Being a middleman in connection of two contacts already known to the user;
• Providing validation for a profile;
• Sale of data to recruiters and answering their requests.

MBYS Mobile app

Since we are living in the world of smartphones, almost each program and platform has its mobile version to provide the users with the easy access at any time. MBYS is not an exception. Creation of a profile with MBYS app is easy, all data will be encrypted and stored with the blockchain.

The app will allow the users to follow the companies they are interested in and get instant updates. Besides, the app contains calendar, which allows users and companies promote their events, additionally, users receive reminders for the scheduled event, conference, face-to –face meetings, etc.


MBYS is the first decentralized professional network system based on blockchain technology. The objectives of the platform are the following:
-eliminate middlemen in professional networks and motivate professionals arrange face-to-face meetings;
-ensure the users that their professional data is encrypted and stored in a secure manner;
-allow user to have a full control over his data.

MBYS has the idea that business relationships shall be built with the people having control over their information. It is up to them how much information they want to share and when.

Home Page: http://mbys.io/#presale
Whitepaper: http://mbys.io/docs/MBYS_Whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbysmesh
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mbys/
Telegram: https://t.me/mbys_official
Bitcointalk ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3148811
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