Helbiz - Blockchain in vehicle sharing

Would you like to join vehicle sharing market? I believe more than half of you would say no? But, if I will tell you, that Helbiz is right now making Blockchain vehicle sharing market. And most probably it will be very successful. Why? Just take a look at such sharing giants like Uber and Airbnb, people understood that sharing is easier, cheaper, profitable and faster. But now, Helbiz will put it on another level, by adding Blockchain to whole structure of vehicle sharing

Why we need sharing via Blockchain?
Blockchain will just restart whole existing scheme, not only of vehicle sharing, but of all things in our live. And first ones will become leaders. What exactly will be advantages of using Blockchain for vehicle sharing in compare to existing methods?

  1. Reduce of costs (transaction and trust)
  2. More privacy of confidentiality
  3. Faster service


I reviewed application and it looks very easy to use and nice looking. Unfortunately there are no chance at the moment to download and test is live, as public launch is planned for Q2 2019. But it will be available for download for both Android and iOS devices. App allow you to find car, bike and other vehicle based on you criteria near to you. Your fingerprint will be your identity. (Interesting question about smartphones without fingerprint readers, or without FaceID, how it would work is such a case.. I will update you if I will find out). And also your smartphone will be a key to start your auto. For me it sounds like space, I rented a car last time about 5 years ago in airport and it was complicated and long time.. a lot of papers, insurance, contract and so on. After 15 minutes finding a car in a huge parking. I promised myself I will never make it again. But, Helbiz probably will change my mind, I even could not imagine that it could be so easy.. without thousands of papers and even keys. I want definitely to try that. You can watch short presentation prepared by Helbiz team below:

Token and tokensale

To bring to life all plans, Helbiz issue native token – HBZ. Token will be used in Crowdsale and as well we be used in platform as payment method. Today is last day of pre-sale. And pre-sale hard-cap already reached. But, don´t worry – tomorrow (15FEB18) crowdsale will start, and will end 03Apr2018. Total tokens available for this sale – 480M with a hard-cap for whole project 62,500 ETH. For 1 ETH you will get 6000 HBZ during sale. Here is summary of tokens, prices and date.


Would you like to join vehicle sharing market? My answer is yes! I am so amused of this application, that I will definitely will start to use it as soon it will become available in my country. Also I believe that investment in this project will bring a lot of profit in near future. Take a look on 2 other big sharing platforms – they are giant, and brought thousands % of profit to early investors, so don´t lose you change to become reach in near future. For more details about project I suggest you to take a look in Whitepaper

Website: https://www.helbiz.com/
WhitePaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UudcsnOrVwe0DeG4p7k7R3m4l28bAzQ0/view
Telegram Group: https://t.me/helbiz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/helbizofficial/
Bitcointalk ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2851691.0
Bitcointalk Bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2853690.0
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