FLIPNPIK: blockchain platform connecting customers and businesses

Our world develops too fast, and it is essential for the businesses to react fast if they want to stay in the game. 21st century is all about social media, old marketing methods don’t function anymore. How many of you relied on Facebook or Twitter recommendations before you bought something? The answer is obvious. This proves that enterprises need to elaborate digital channels fully in order to attract and retain customers.

What is FLIPNPIK and how does it work?
FLIPNPIK is planning to become the first Social Media platform based on blockchain technology connecting its users globally through a secure Ecosystem. The ultimate goal of this project is become a provider of fast, reliable and efficient digital solutions for the businesses.

FLINPIK, applying the principles of inbound marketing, developed a winning business model, which helps businesses to attract new visitors to their e-commerce websites, generate leads, convert them into the clients and keep them as satisfied customers. This innovative model helps to increase traffic to the businesses and generates more leads than any traditional type of advertising.

By downloading FLIPNPIK to the smartphone, tablet, desktop, users will get access to the following tools:
• business directory: the potential clients will be able to discover local shops, restaurants, cafes and obtain all necessary information about them;
• customized news feed: depending on the searches, tastes, location and other criteria, the platform will create a personalized news feed for each user and inform him about news and promotions in his favorite types of businesses;
• games and entertainment: there are various games available on the platform, helping collect points or do savings.

The features described above are just a few of those available on FLIPNPIK.

FNP token

Payments on FLIPNPIK platform will take place through FNP token. The token can be used exclusively for purchases within the platform between the members. There are several methods to acquire the FNP tokens:

  1. Through the private sale which had already started in June and will go on until reaching the target which is 30 000 ETH;
  2. Pre-ICO: started in July and will go on until the end of August or until reaching the target which is the same as in p.1 above;
  3. ICO: will start in September and planned to keep going until the end of October. At this time the single rate will apply as follows: 1 ETH=3 500 FNP

Various bonuses will apply during the private sale and Pre-ICO sale. More details are available on the FLIPNPIK official website.

Benefits of FLIPNPIK

By using FLIPNPIK revolutionary social media platform based on blockchain technology, you will benefit from:
• effective marketing approach based on inbound marketing principles;
• increase in traffic up to 60 %;
• 54 % more leads;
• increase of visibility on the market;
• custom-made profiles and support.

With FLIPNPIK customers will contribute to the value of brand helping increase awareness. It is all about global community, contribution to the local economy without any intermediaries.

FLIPNPIK is a great game changing project, which will help both business owners and clients with efficient digital solutions. Applying the latest trends in marketing and technology FLIPNPIK became a first social media platform based on blockchain technology. In 2019-2020 the project targets to reach 10 000 000 businesses.

Home Page: https://flipnpik.io/
Whitepaper: https://flipnpik.io/whitepaper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flipnpik
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flipnpikworldwide/
Telegram: https://t.me/flipnpikico
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Bitcointalk Bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3412954.0
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