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Nowadays more and more people of different age play games online. This kind of spending leisure time is becoming more and more popular. You can choose any game you want. Sometimes it is more like wasting time but what would you say if you could earn money while playing your favourite game?

GGPro is a new blockchain platform the aim of which is to create opportunities for interaction between game developers, sponsors and gaming community. So let's see what they offer.

Gaming community

Gaming community is offered a lot of opportunities. They can earn GGPro tokens while playing games and invest them into the development of new games and participating in key decisions during the process of development. They can be the first who tests new games. The platform enables to buy, sell and trade in-game items. You can also become an Esports team manager. GGP tokens can be used for purchasing merchandise from sponsors. The community can also invest the tokens into fostering of Esports teams and tale part in key decisions. Earning rewards and exclusive in-game items from developers is also one of the opportunities.


Sponsors are also offered some opportunities and benefits. For example, it is a new and efficient way to promote a brand through a gaming community. They get a wonderful opportunity to attract target audience obtaining any budget. Furthermore, the platform gives an easy way for the investment into Esports teams and game development. Sponsors can also merchandise directly through the platform directly.

Developers and investors

The platform is beneficial and good for investors and developers too. The developers, for instance, can promote their game through the gaming community and attract target audience for the game. They can receive efficient beta testing and feedback. The game can be sold directly with the help of the platform and they can attract sponsors to the game too.

The investors can always become Esports team managers. The platform is an easy way of investing into the gaming industry which is fast-growing. They are also offered the opportunity to use GGP token for investing into fostering of Esports teams and take part in key decisions. Investors can buy games with the help of GGP tokens.

What is a reserve fund?

They keep reserve fund token son a wallet with public access to all the information regarding transactions and balance. They will spend these tokens for the development of the platform, for a gamer referral program rewards, for hosting beta-testing and promotional activities, for bonuses and as a guaranteed gamer rewards too if the number of gamers exceed the demand from developers and sponsors. They will replenish the fund through the commission of 0.25%.


The idea of GGPro platform itself is new and groundbreaking. As you can see it gives a lot of benefits to the users. The gamers can always choose sponsor tasks and get rewards from sponsors for gaming. moreover, they can get rewards if they bring more users via a referral system. The sponsors, in turn, can create a promotion campaign and select target audience by games, region and language.
The creators of the platform are going to develop it and keep adding more features to it so if you are a gamer do not lose your chance to benefit from your hobby.

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