Cryptocarz: the ultimate racing experience

Are you a fan of racing and fast cars? Do you want to have racing experience but you don’t have enough money? Luckily, we are living in the 21st century, in the times of blockchain technology, where all dreams come true one way or another. With the Cryptocarz Project you will be able to enjoy virtual car racing and experience the same feeling as driving it in a real world.

About Cryptocarz
Cryptocarz is a first blockchain platform allowing the user to build and purchase virtual vehicles and try them on the racetracks built by the system. Furthermore, you will be able to have your virtual garage and collect cars of your choice. In order to participate in a race, the users of the platform will have to own or rent a car. Besides usual races, there will be also special racing events held to take you to another level.

Cryptocarz is a pioneer in combining gaming, virtual reality, and blockchain technology, it is one brilliant idea that is going to change the future of racing experience. There will be twenty car models, and each of them is going to have up to 650 units. After selling all 650 units, they won’t come back to the market in the future. While driving your virtual car, you can send an invitation to your friend to come and watch you.

Sale of the crypto carz
The platform utilizes the Ethereum based blockhain. By buying a car the player will be connected with a SCT (smart contract token). The cars will be available for sale through the official website of the project. Each car is attributed with different qualities and components, the upgrade will be possible as well at one point.

Cryptocarz is offering special tokens called Car Credit, which is used for distribution of bounties between the players. Upon collection of 1000 Car Credits, the participant can receive a specific model of the car. Alternatively, these tokens can be used during a trade or exchange.

Reward systems
All blockchain projects are about the involvement and contribution into the community. Cryptocarz is not an exception. There are two ways to do that and get a reward.

  1. Currently, the project applied airdrop campaign on their official website, which allows a user to get a special edition crypto car by involving. All you have to do is follow instructions in order to register on the website and get your unique CryptoCar.
  2. Sharing is caring: by sharing the link with the friends, on your social media you will be getting fifty car credits as a bonus. The exact instructions are on the official page of the project.

Advantages of Cryptocarz project
The creators of the project understood that this will be interesting for many types of users. Among them are gamers, blockchain enthusiasts, VR experience lovers, etc. Cryptocarz can become a way of learning about crypto currency while playing a favourite game. The platform users will be able to trade their cars on a secondary market and earn on it. And of course, the biggest advantage of the blockchain technology: security and decrease of unnecessary costs.

The CryptoCarz project aims at providing its users with the ultimate racing experience by combining blockchain technology, VR and gaming. The enthusiastic team of professionals has a goal to take car racing to the next level.

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