Quadrant - A blueprint for mapping decentralized data

Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core. The data economy is similar to space; unmapped and chaotic. Quadrant serves as the blueprint that provides an organized system for the utilization of decentralized data.

Quadrant will support proof of data authenticity and provenance via data stamping, the creation of “Constellations” (data smart contracts) for disparate data sources, and fair remuneration and incentive sharing. Data Consumers can trust the authenticity of the data they purchase, “Nurseries” (Data Producers) are compensated fairly every time their data is used, and “Pioneers” (Data Vendors) have the incentive to create innovative Constellations. This new transparent ecosystem ensures that companies get the authentic data they need. Quadrant Protocol was created to make the ecosystem a better one for all participants — data producers, data vendors, and data buyers.

4 Major Issues in the Data Economy
At its core, Quadrant envisions a fluid and trusting data economy for everyone by providing a blueprint for mapping disparate data sources. This new, transparent ecosystem ensures that the problems outlined are eradicated.

Mapping Disparate Data Sources with Quadrant Protocol
The whitepaper includes an overview of Quadrant’s vision, team, and technology; however, as the technology develops, Quadrant Protocol’s team will be subsequently updating its content.

Quadrant Protocol’s Whitepaper illustrates an open, collaborative, and creative ecosystem for the data industry. We welcome individuals, data professionals, and corporations around the globe to join our community of developers and business partners in enriching application and module development in Quadrant.

Quadrant Community: the moment has arrived. After months spent preparing, reaching technical milestones, and forging strategic and commercial alliances, Quadrant Protocol will launch its public ICO on June 26th. Quadrant reaches this point having gained substantial financial support in its successful private sale, and more importantly, with a real, operational product serving commercial use cases.

Our blueprint for mapping decentralized data is already being used by our clients to solve some of the most critical data industry problems. Our TestNet has been stamping clients’ live data feed, a mechanism that sets the foundation for data trading in a transparent and trusted manner, since May 14th.

We know there’s a lot of hype in the market and it can be difficult to distinguish the genuine projects from the rest. We are therefore very pleased with the results of our private token sale, which reached its $3 million soft cap on the first day and over subscribing within 4 days. This represents a tremendous validation and vote of confidence on the part of the leaders in the blockchain space. Interest has continued to grow each day.

We are humbled and honored by the overwhelming support of Quadrant’s fast-growing community. We are immensely grateful for your support, which has taken us to more than 3,500 Twitter followers and more than 7,700 members of our buzzing Telegram group in less than a month.

Stay tuned to our official channels to learn how to participate in our public crowd sale (June 26th). We will also release whitelisting instructions that so many of you have been asking for this week (June 7th). You can expect more exciting updates in the coming days.

The public sale comes as Quadrant has assembled an outstanding group of commercial partners and allies over the past several months, including Bluzelle and Kenetic, all of whom we are confident will add long-term value to Quadrant. Additionally, last month (May 21st), we signed a 2-year partnership with Singapore’s Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) to implement a commercial AI and Microservice layer on DataStreamX, powered by Quadrant Protocol. This initiative aims to promote ground-breaking innovation around the use of data to solve global problems within a sustainable and regulated framework. Further details on those partnerships can be found on this blog.

We know the real value of data depends on organization, accuracy, and what people are able to do with it. That’s why we have built Quadrant Protocol to be a game changer for the data economy, allowing innovative ways to combine disparate data sources with authenticity and provenance at its core.

Official Quadrant Sale ICO details
ICO Start Date: 26th June 2018 at 12.00 pm (SGT/GMT+8)

ICO End Date: 26th July 2018 at 12.00 pm (SGT/GMT+8) or when the cap is reached

Amount To Raise: $5M USD

Total Hardcard (Private Pre-sale + Public): $20M USD

Token Price: $0.05 USD

ETH to USD ratio for the public sale will be pegged 2 hours prior to sale

Tokens For Sale (Pre-ICO & ICO): 40%

NOTE: Only whitelisted applicants are allowed to participate in the sale

Token Sale Structure and Limits
The token sale is split into 3 phases — Community Sale, Enhanced Sale, and Open Sale. Individual limits will be implemented in the Community Sale and Enhanced Sale to ensure all participants can purchase meaningful amounts of tokens via the ICO.

Day 1 — Community Sale
All participants have an equal number of tokens to purchase, with a maximum limit of tokens derived via the following formula:

(Total Number of Tokens)/(Number of Whitelisted Participants)

Day 2 — Enhanced Sale
Individual limits have been increased, as per the following formula:

(Total Number of Tokens)/(Number of Whitelisted participants) + 100ETH worth of eQUADs

Day 3 and after — Open Sale
All individual limits have been removed. Only limitation is the number of eQUAD tokens left for purchase.

NOTE: The individual limits will be announced to the community the day before the sale, after the KYC process is complete.

Sale FAQs
Am I limited to just one sale phase? Can I participate in more than one phase?
Whitelisted participants are not limited to any single phase. All participants may take part in any of the sale phases, or all of them.

How can I purchase eQUADs?
All interested participants are to follow these steps:

  1. Complete whitelisting process. You will be given a Magic Word. Please store it safely. Instructions on whitelisting will be made on June 7th, 2018.
  2. Submit KYC documentation. Instructions on KYC will be made by June 15th, 2018.
  3. On sale day, go to https://www.quadrantprotocol.com/ , enter your ETH address and you will be displayed your allocation, the token sale address and your Magic Word.

NOTE: We will NEVER email, Telegram, Twitter, etc the Token Sale address. If you receive communications from any Quadrant Protocol personnel with the Token Sale address, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND.
Be vigilant against scams.

When will I get my eQUADs?
The tokens will be sent your wallet and unlocked within 30 days of the TGE ending.

Why do we have 3 phases?
The first phase of the sale is meant for our community. This phase ensures everyone who has cleared KYC has equal opportunity to participate in the sale. This manner also allows to ensure the token sale contract does not get flooded.


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