Mobile gaming has never been more fun than what it is currently and the reasons for this is not far-fetched. Globally, there is an on-going surge in the number of mobile game players and this surge is expected to go on due to the increasing number of high-quality mobile games, the increased compatibility of these high-quality games with several mobile platforms, and an improvement of mobile internet connectivity. Coming years will experience a more drastic increase in the number of active mobile gaming participants due to the conversion of mobile gaming from an individual and sometimes boring affair to a community thing where players can interact and compete in ways that have never been done before. This community of players can even be made bigger and better with the introduction of token rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies for each and every achievement on the platform. This is where Sgame Pro comes in.

What is Sgame Pro?

Sgame Pro is a mobile gaming platform that has developed a community in which game players worldwide can co-exist in a gaming ecosystem and are rewarded with cryptocurrency, while developers receive revenues for their innovations. Sgame Pro is owned by a Swiss-based company known as Sgame SA, which has been under development since 2016 and finally launched in 2017. Since its release, it has achieved over 50,000 downloads.

What Innovations is Sgame Pro offering?

  • Sgame Pro rewards players with the newly issued utility crypto-token known as Sgame Coin or SGM just for playing the world’s most popular mobile games. This SGM will be the only way of accessing benefits from the Sgame Pro platform. It is also the only means of transacting within the Sgame Pro ecosystem.
  • Sgame Pro has been able to combine the fragmented sector of independent and major game publishers into a one-stop-shop gaming Platform. On Sgame Pro, players will be able to play latest games from a wide range of publishers and they will also be able to compete with other game players worldwide. They will be able to do this even on games that were single player games before now.

Sgame Coin is the official reward medium and means of exchange in the Sgame ecosystem. It is a newly issued utility crypto-token known as Sgame Coin or SGM. It is owned and managed by Sgame and it is expected to circulate between Sgame Pro and the ecosystem participants comprising of players, publishers, the influencers and the merchants. It is a utility token that is based on the ERC-20 standard. This standard enables Sgame Pro to fully leverage on the Ethereum ecosystem and easily integrate with the existing infrastructure. 350,000,000 is the maximum supply of SGM tokens and it was issued in a single genesis block.

What benefits can Be derived by Players, Publishers, Influencers, and Merchants?The benefits are numerous and cut across every major stakeholder.For players:

Players will benefit from the Sgame Pro’s platform in the following ways:

  • Players will also benefit from the multi-player addition as this comes with more social interaction than private gaming.
  • Players will have to themselves a platform where they can play their favorite games seamlessly and still be mining valuable crypto coins in the process. They will also earn more for special tasks by Sgame Pro such as the streaming of live games and many more.
  • Also, before now, players only have to endure adverts and pop-ups but for the first time in gaming history, they get to partake in the sharing of advertorial proceeds in the form of crypto rewards.
  • There is the issue of in-app purchases that can now be easily done with crypto earnings from playing the game.

For Publishers

What do game developers stand to benefit from this Sgame Pro platform?

The answers are in the following lines:

  • Publishers will also earn more from adverts and in-app purchases. This is because players will be more willing to spend SGM than normal fiat everyday money. They will also take a share of revenues generated from challenges.
  • Publishers now have a simple and innovative way to promote their games via the Sgame platform.
  • Publishers can now also reward players directly for special achievements.
  • They can also involve Sgame Pro’s Influencers directly.

For influencers

Influencers are not left out as the benefits are for everyone involved.

  • Influencers can now monetize their followers through a referral system that generates a continuous revenue stream for every lead.
  • A nice existing referral system that rewards new players will ease up the duty of the influencer.

For merchants

  • Sgame Pro can provide fool-proof data to merchants that can help for promotional purposes.
  • Merchants also gets an easy and cost-effective way to promote their products online through the sections Marketplace and Special offers.

Key Components of Sgame Pro Worthy of Mention

  • Challenges that enables players to play in an asynchronous multiplayer mode. Challenges completed amounts to SGM rewards.
  • Leaderboards which enables participating players to compare their performance with other players’.
  • User Profiles that contains rank level, challenge statistics, live performance, games played and wallet balance.
  • A Marketplace that contains the list of possible purchases and the corresponding prices.
  • Referral section that will help players to invite new players and earn SGM for successful invites. New players also get rewarded for joining.
  • A Live platform that can help players build their fan base by streaming their games live.
  • A Developer Area that will help developers test and promote new games.
  • A Messaging means that will enable communication between players.
  • An Anti-cheating technique that sniffs out and stops fraudulent acts.


The Sgame Pro platform has been developed by established entrepreneurs with numerous startups including Eidoo- a multicurrency wallet which also doubles as a hybrid exchange. Members of the team have decades of experience. Their names and various positions can be found below:


Sgame Pro has partnered with top game publishers in a bid to ensuring its sustainability and easy adoption. Some of these publishers are shown below:

And to top it off, it’s supported by the world’s number 1 youtuber- Pewdiepie!

To find out more about the Sgame Pro project, use any of the following links:








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