UCHIT: The Hub of Open Communication Based on the Blockchain technology

Communication is the key as everyone says that. Human beings have spent a large part of their life on the planet researching about ways to communicate better and clear. From letters to WhatsApp, we have seen everything in the communication space. Talking to your family and friends or communicating your message to the customer because if the transparent communication does not take place then relationship dies a slow death. Consumers prefer open communication about products and their problems.

And, that is the least every company should do to maintain and grow their user base. This creates a long-term relationship between consumer and the product which is based on trust and transparency. In the personal space, we have a variety of choices available on the platform. Current challenges in the space of communication applications are the dominance of centralised players, who are also controlling the large volume of data generated through it. There is a need for a platform which provides open communication between people and professionals.

Solution Offered

UCHIT is building a solution for communication for professionals and for people all over the world. Peer to Peer communication is the core of the platform as it envisions a decentralised communication in the future. Removing all the middlemen and third parties from the communication between two people, it is bringing a true decentralised communication to the world. Professionals, enterprises and students all over the world can utilise the platform without having to fear that someone can shut down their communication at any time.

Text, video, audio and file can be shared on the platform. They are also building a marketplace for the professionals where companies can hire the best talent on the network. Collaborating with the other programmers and professionals will be much easier with the help of this platform. There is also a marketplace for predefined templates and assets, which can be utilised by professionals to accelerate the process of the project. Creating services that will enrich the conversations and collaborations between members is the core philosophy of the platform.


712,350,000 UCHIT Tokens are created for the project in which 65% is reserved for the community. The token sale will start from the 1st may 2018 and continue until 31st may 2018. The funds will be utilised for the development and marketing of the platform. The team working on the project has experience in the fields of blockchain technology and the business development.


Today, the internet has produced some of the most remarkable applications for communication. Whether it's for a personal matter or a professional meeting, we have a plethora of apps to communicate better. This art of communication rings true for every situation in life and business. The cryptocurrency is going to be the mainstream currency in the future. It is the best choice we have right now which solves all the problems associated with the traditional currency system.

The services offered by the platform will enhance the project collaboration capabilities of the teams and companies. Without the need of any third party, people will be independent and secure with the decentralised application. I think it is a hub for the collaboration and communication as they have mentioned on their website. The real-life usage of the platform will decide the future of the platform. What do you think is the future of the platform?

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