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Since the advent of blockchain technology, many businesses and companies have witness a surge in their area of productivity and growth. What is blockchain technology ? The idea of decentralization. By design, the blockchain is a decentralized technology. ... A global network of computers uses blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that records Bitcoin transactions. That is, Bitcoin is managed by its network, and not any one central authority, this great technology brought the idea of ideal coin

Introduction to ideal coin, it is a digital currency In which value of the data obtained in the paymho digital platform will be expressed, ideal coin will function with processed and protected algorithms for instant use

Brief explaination of paymho

It can be define as a tool that anyone from all over the continent can use to generate information, gaining daily economic benefit as a result
It a kind of online job that an individual can do using a mobile device of computer without having pre knowledge or about it , using its application, PayMHO will collect every aspect of the life of influencers, in a convenient, interesting and orderly way

Benefit of influencers using the PayMHO application
Anytime there is click , influencers will get bits of information, that will now build up into a chain of data comprehensive to the influencers knew they are
They are the market pioneers , enjoy the advantage of market offers , testing product and services
Influencers have control and rate their profile information

Ways to become an influencers
It is just a simple steps, sign up on the platform submit kyc for verification, identification, documentation delivery, and opening of wallet type personal accounts
Products available to Paymho Client
Users must pay influencers in order to gain access to their profile, after payment they will have first hand information , desired statistics , that beyond their expectations
Clients have access to consult the influencers and seek their opinion and suggestions
There are numerous ways of generating it within the platform
By developing profile questions for influencers
In the sense of answering questions on the platform posted by jnfluencers
As a reward for attempted questions, questionnaire and survey on the platform
By giving ideas on third party buying them
By recommendations of people for specific positions
Through referring friends and families
The IDEAL COIN you've in front of you'll transform the exploitation and use of combined knowledge. It will assure that this collective knowledge is used more effectively and sensibly to marketplace research, marketing effort of organizations and optimizing the resources, individuals, Government, companies, and institutions.

And, at the peak of all that, the system's consumers will be collecting money each day, it is time to offer the value of information back to those who generate it. It is time to manage information rightly and professionally in a platform that develops authentically, organically, exponentially and sustainably.

Basic Information

• Toke ticker - IDL
• Token sale - 1,000,000 USD
• Social media - Twitter ǀ Telegram ǀ FACEBOOK
• Soft cap of the IDEAL COIN - 3,000,000 USD
• Hard cap of the IDEAL COIN - 44,403,880 USD
• Platform - ETH
• Full token supply at ICO sale - 220,000,000 IDL token
• Token Rate - 0.10 USD
• Official Website of the IDEAL COIN -

IDEAL COIN token Allocation
• 65 percent for token sale
• 12 percent for IDEAL COIN founders
• 9 percent for CEO
• 6 percent for consultants
• 8 percent for platform marketing

More about IDEAL COIN

It is a digital coin in which the worth of the information collected in the PAY MHO virtual social network will be expressed. The IDEAL COIN will bill be processed as well as protected by algorithms for speedy use.

These virtual commodities are produced by huge numbers of users generating an important mass of content. These users can own, sell, trade, deal, accumulate, transact or even the use these digital assets like money, advantaging form the common protections and guarantees, established by current's virtual assets: precious resources in this term of monetized data and virtualization.

What is Pay MHO TM?

Pay MHO is a tool with each one, form any part of the world, can contribute actively in the making of data, gaining day by day economic advantages as an outcome. A job that each one can do, from any smart cell phone, Laptop or personal computer, without any sort of knowledge or training.

After a bit more than a small intro, every individual can become a skillful user and start gaining money daily, making their own data interact with that of others, developing value that organizations around the globe will be interested in buying.

Through its apps, PAY MHO will collect each aspect of the life of its users in a spontaneous, fun, calmed and orderly way, developing a profile as huge ranging as it is possible to imagine while developing a virtual bit.

All this data will hold the keep the property of the user. It'll be stored securely, privately and in clearly confidently, inaccessible as well as decentralized place. Be becoming income while you watching TV at home or enjoy a picnic with the family. And you do not need any specialized skill, other than that of your own day to day life.

A huge Benefits for USERS (INFLUENCERS)

With every click, users will make bits of data. These bits swill developed into a chain of information a bit more comprehensive than the users knew they were able of developing. This info will need great worth.

They call this operation crafting. Every crafting is connected jointly in hash chains; producing millions of items of secure, helpful and valuable info, which in turn of generating a vital mass of content. Users will be capable to enjoy the advantages of being market pioneers: taking advantage of special offers, checking items and services, offering commenting, feedbacks, contributing to the enhancement of items, and simply responding, while constantly earning cash.

What is Talent?

This value thing has diff uses and apps advantaging the users, who will at not spot lose ownership of their content. Users will be capable to add value to their own data by connecting their accounts with those of many of other users who'll also offer answers, suggestions, answers, developing millions of items of info linked to their activities and gaining cash regularly.

What makes TLNs very valuable?

Your sign-up to the Payment MHO, the ecosystem will craft a crypto wallet, or stash, where you can accumulate TLNs. TLNs are developed from the moment you sight up to system and starting crafting. Therefore, by keeping an active accounts and regularly contributing in diff ways of generating TLNs, you will be capable to get and accumulate an every rising range of these crypto tokens – coins, which can then use to system any of these process avail in the ecosystem.

About Product

For those who want to consult or use the PAY, MHO platform has to pay users to gain access to their accounts. Having paid, buyers will be free to extract the desired analysis, getting more data than they'd hoped for thanks to the top level of market profiling. There's no risk to users of invasion of secrecy.

The expertise reports generated by PAY MHO platform supersede any existing marketplace study in terms of moments, cost and effectiveness, offering the client with exact data about their marketplace: who it's shaped by, where they live, what they're willing to do, and how to create contact with them. Clients will discover a collection of surprising options, confidences, tastes, styles, preferences that never looked accessible with older platforms which just ever gathered a small element of user’s data.



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