Providing Real World Solutions & UtilitiesInvesting is very promising to make big profits and avoiding any risk. To avoid any risks that may occur in investing, you should first know who you work with and what their background is.

If you’re looking for a lucrative and risk-free investment opportunity, IAT (Instant Assets Tokens) is the platform I recommend most to try. Why should IAT? Because now they have many asset management companies that are already operating and profitable. Thus, the property gained will be entrusted to the management company. And the discount will be given to the buyer and the lessee if the token is used in the transaction through the platform.

You do not have to worry about investing with IAT, because DigiAssets Pte Ltd is one of the listed entities in Singapore and will be the company entirely responsible for the management of Instant Asset Tokens (IAT). Dan Realty Beacon Philippines Inc. (RBPI) is a property management company registered in the Philippines and will manage properties that are pegged to the IAT efforts discussed in the white paper.

Wherever you invest, there will be a lot of problems to deal with. But you do not have to worry, IAT will always be there for you and maximize the benefits and minimize the losses that may arise. Because the IAT aims to solve it through the application of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology will be able to solve the problem by keeping uniform sources of information for all parties involved in the transaction.

With so many challenges emerging and involving ownership of real estate, the IAT considers it necessary to find ways to make investing and managing traditional properties easier for investors. Therefore, Instant Asset Token (IAT) is created as a form of real estate tokenization and will be released through the Initial Coin Offering or ICO process on the Ethereum network and will become a compatible ERC-20. And funds obtained from ICO will be used to develop IAT blocks and assets will be acquired to form most properties in the IAT ecosystem.

The IAT ecosystem will encourage the use of NIAT for various benefits of investors such as lease payments. Tenants are encouraged to use NIAT to pay rent and tariff reductions will be provided. While merchant partner companies will be looking to bring their various trading partners into the IAT ecosystem to improve the course of use. One such trader is “Beacon Cloth Care” which provides laundry service.

IAT also offers many advantages to its users such as payment for token asset management services; holders may choose to use NIAT to make payments for asset management services. While pay is for permit holders, they may decide to use NIAT and make payments for the purchase of goods to supplement their assets. As for the number of tax advisors and the token service, a holder may choose to use NIAT and make payments as it involves the services of tax advisors. And all that will get a further discount on the fees will be given to encourage the use of NIAT.


Looking at the offerings and products developed, the IAT is a consistent company for the business it builds, let alone they are also supported by two big companies like DigiAssets Pte Ltd and Realty Beacon Philippines Inc. Besides being able to feel comfortable and secure, you can also enjoy discounts when using NIAT in your transactions.

Website : https://www.iatokens.com
Whitepaper : https://iatokens.com/docs/IAT%20WHITEPAPER.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/IA_Tokens
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/IATOfficial/
Telegram : https://t.me/iatokens


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