Cryptov8 is a platform created that is a UK domiciled and authorized bank, which uses the Blockchain technology to bridge the gap between the crypto banking and traditional banking products and services. The major aim of this project is to change the way people use cryptocurrency by putting an end to so many challenges that customers face in their attempt to use the cryptocurrency. To do this, Cryptov8 platform will be using the Blockchain technology combined with the digital assets to improve the usage of the crptocurrency in certain areas like: trust, the platform will apply the highest standard to ensure that customers are protected. Security, the platform will provide bank grade security over all wallets. Cost, the platform will ensure that exchanges, withdrawals are done at a cheaper rate. The platform will also ensure that cryptocurrency is well accepted as a means of payment. The platform will ensure that everyone can use the crypto without any stress.

platform has some basic features. They are: Cryptoeduc8, this will assist customers start their crypto journey through a cryptocurrency starter guide, free cryptocurrency educational material published online. Cryptocommunic8, this is an intelligent cognitive learning friend through a Q&A portal, a cognitive learning AI assistant and automatic application completion behind the web chat portal. Cryptovault, this is a trusted custodian with a crypto wallet to hold current crypto balances. Cryptoremuner8, this is used to remunerate individuals for their participation in cryptocurrency. Cryptocred8, this allows clients to earn extra money from their credit balances. Cryptomotiv8, this is use to motivate customers to use or be involved in cryptocurrency. Cryptog8, this provides a convenient gateway entry point, in a short-term through links to exchanges and in a longer term by FIAT gateway and finally, Cryptocollabor8, for enhancing service provision through strategic partnerships.
The platform has a token called CRV8. The CRV8 token is the only access to all the services that are rendered by this platform. The token is an Ethereum based token that is compatible with the ERC20 wallet. The pre ICO of this platform is currently on. The ICO will end on the 24th of August, 2018. During this period of pre ICO, 1CRV8 token is currently equivalent to 0.0002089 ETH. The main ICO will start on the 24th of August, 2018 and it will end on the 20th of October, 2018. During the ICO, 1 CRV8 will be equal to 0.0002646 ETH. The currency that is accepted as a means of payments is ETH. There are bonus packages waiting. A participant can also earn extra token by referring someone to join the platform. Hurry now and get your tokens. One of the upcoming programs of the platform is the full banking license authorization with restriction granted.



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