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This industry has been estimated to produce revenues of about $83.0 billion in the United States and it keeps growing with time.
Also the Online marketing and digital marketing has been a source of passive income to many as they also earn just by people visiting their placed ads. A lot of people have been struggling to make this passive income from this but they lack the skills for doing so. Most of them dont have the resources to promote their campaign. This is where Crest DigiAd Platform comes into play.
What is Crest DigiAd Platform
This platform was created with the sole purpose to assist users run marketing and advertising programs while they earn in the form of cryptocurrency. This was done with the implementation of the blockchain technology and the Artificial Intelligence to the Online Marketing and Digital Advertising Industry. The system works by the using ads servers that are integrated with self adapting and learning algorithms that allows the system to present a particular customer at a definite time with an ads that can satisfy his needs. That way a user can earn revenue everyday in the form of crest tokens.

How do Users earn Crest Tokens?
Crest token is the inbuilt cryptocurrency of this platform and its in the form of an ERC20 based on the ethereum blockchain. This crest tokens can be earned in various ways and they include
The use of DigiAd Campaigns - here crest tokens are given to users to fund ad campaigns on the platform and it gives them the highest investment returns. The earnings are paid daily for over 89 - 179 days and it depends on the amount the user invested on the ad he he purchased.
Referral Incentives - Every single referral invited to utilize the platform, the user gets about 10% of the DigiAd campaign capital they get as the referral utilize the platform.
Purchasing from Trading Exhanges - After the Initial Coin Offering of the crest tokens, users can get the crest tokens either from the internal or external exchanges and with time, this tokens are expected to be at a value of over 100X the price bought at the initial coin offering.
Income generated from Staking - This gives a user the ability to earn crest tokens in the form of monthly dividends as they use the staking program.
Bounty Programs - here a user can earn free crest tokens either in the form of bonuses during the ICO sale or by promotion and doing tasks in the favor of the Crest DigiAd Program.
Crest Token ICO
The platform is currently in the stage of a Pre-ICO and this lasts till June 18 where the amount of tokens to be sold is about 1,000,000 CSTT, while the Main ICO starts on the 18th June and ends on 18th July where the amount of tokens to be sold is about 6,400,000 CSTT. The accepted forms of currencies that can be used to purchase crest token in the ico are Ethereum and Bitcoin.
crest is a "smart token in campaigns and Ads"
The Crest Platform with the powerful integration of online marketing and artificial intelligence (AI), and is designed as revenue generation for Crest community members by allocating Crest utility tokens to run multiple marketing and advertising campaigns rather than generating revenue for the community.
many people want to generate passive income from an online marketing and digital advertising but they do not have a skill or resources to succeed.
Crest, firstly, unites the power of cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence with online marketing and the $ 300Bn digital advertising industry.
Token Crest promoters have a long experience of 10 years and have often produced in the online marketing industry for the past 10 years.
brings Token Crest together with a good industry (online marketing) that creates stability and capital protection for member communities in cryptocurrency spaces that are vulnerable to this change.
The business model is completely independent of the volatility of cryptocurrency.
A fully developed platform at the closing of ICO.
Daily community updates via email and active social platforms.
will not hold your Bitcoin or Ethereum during ICO.
Lower purchase limit and higher during ICO.
Gracious program of grace.
Buy a weekly Token & Token Burn.
Clear disclosure of ICO fund allocations.
Step 1
Register your data at then you will be prompted for your name, email and password, after which you will be prompted to verify your email first before logging in, after verification is registered just log in to your Crest account. has joined ICO.
Step 2
the instructions are there after you log in
Step 3
there are two options for you depo that is ETH and btc
Step 4
Receive your CSTT token to your compatible ERC20 wallet
Step 5
You're done! congratulations you have included investor holder token Crest
1.Referral Program
with you introducing to every user directly to Platf Crest get 10% of DigiAd campaign capital
2.Staking income
enough with staking you can get (up to 10%) in CSTT token form
3.DigiAd Campaign
You can earn between 1.75% and 2.25% every day consistently for 89 - 179 days. Teams generate earnings for members by allocating their Crest token dollar value to fund advertising campaigns on the DigiAd platform.

  • note, that your initial capital release is inclusive in return of a daily payment.
    4.Int / Ext Exchange
    CSTT token trading is not only locally but already in the internal and external exchanges. Because of the popularity of the Crest platforms to be the hope and value of the custodian in print, the team anticipates the CSTT token by trading the 100X ICO price in 12 months of full platform launch.
  • concern that the Crest platform of trading activity on the exchange will not be manipulated. The original value of the Crest token at any given time will be determined by market forces (supply and demand).
    5.Bounty Program
    some ways that allow you to get a CSTT token gift with a reward program
  • 250,000 free CSTT tokens to be shared with members during ICO Presale and Primary sales.
    Crest Token
    CSTT's own cryptocurrency is used to perform calculations on the platform, which allows purchasing templates for developing own marketing campaign. Tokens work on the basis of Ethereum according to the ERC-20 standard and are compatible with many cryptocurrency wallets. Currently, the platform is in the process of the pre-ICO, which lasts until June 18. During the pre-sales, 1 million CSTTs are being sold at a price of up to 1.85 dollars per token. This offer is beneficial for investors compared to the terms of the main crowdsale, which starts on June 18 and lasts for a month. You can purchase CSTT using ETH or BTC. To achieve hardcap, it is necessary to sell 1 500 CSTT. The attracted investments are planned to be spent on the technical development of the platform (15%), reserve in case of force majeure (25%), marketing promotion of the project (20%), payment for team services (15%), etc.
    Thus, Crest Token project is an innovative project to educate users about the basics of online advertising and, thanks to the implemented algorithms for developing marketing campaigns, to create their successful, profitable and concise advertising projects. Crest platform includes all the advantages of Internet marketing and artificial intelligence and is aimed at earning income from Crest Token project members, generating cryptocurrency for launching advertising and marketing campaigns and raising the platform's revenues.

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