Carboneum is creating a decentralized social trading platform, named CoinRadars. Carboneum is an openly distributed protocol owned by every single user. Where traditional social trading platform helps solve complexity problem, it still lacks transparency and remains vulnerable to single point of failure risk. The platform will be completely immune to such problems. It is built to sustain and scale with a sound revenue model where perfect alignment of interests is structured.

Trade like a pro: This enables any users to take a role of follower, giving the green light to them to duplicate the transactions of a leading trader.
Sleep like you never before: Stop-loss orders are designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position in a cryptocurrency. Safety Belt” Feature will enable you to setup automatic safety for all your trades.
Watch the true Whale: Whale Watcher feature gives you insight into the actions of the large investment management of leader portfolio that manage millions of dollars worth of assets - the true "whales" of the investment world.
The Key value propositions of CoinRadars are:

Transparency, Simplicity, Knowledge Sharing, and Incentivized Business Model. These values makes CoinRadars unique among other synonymous platform.

Carboneum Trading Mechanism
To exemplify the idea of decentralization, Carboneum embraces full customization of the attractive rate offered to pioneers on disseminated application (dApps). As any hypothesis of essential finance would propose, chance resistance is a profoundly delicate trademark interesting to any given financial specialist. In like manner, an absolutely decentralized stage ought to enable devotees and pioneers to organize diverse expected returns and hazard inclinations and match them uninhibitedly. A few financial specialists may appreciate more prominent greatness of speculation return, remembering the more elevated amount of hazard related to such choice. Different financial specialists, then again, may be more Contingent and have lesser hazard resistance, consequently bringing down their normal return. In a similar way, the extraordinary yet remarkably ideal adjust of hazard resilience and expected returns ought to be reflected in the way changing rate of expense is charged by every pioneer, ro mirror our aggregate push to democratize venture scene and grasp such decent variety. The agreement setup process corners with straightforward advances cabin is completely straightforward and completely secured for all gatherings included.
How it works
First of all, you must comprehend the fact that using Carboneum is straightforward. Making a revenue using C8 is extremely straightforward and less complicated. You can make a profit with every positive trade. When you make a yielding trade, you are bound to get a return on investment. The success returns can be grabbed with every trade you make. Individuals are given a special token known as the Carboneum Token alias C8. This token can be used on digital assets. Of course, the token is not limited to social trading features. In the next few years, the uses of C8 is bound to increase. It will have utilities that can be used with many premium services. This means you will have deals and discounts on a variety of fees.

Even if you don’t have any previous experience with trading, Carboneum will help you to end up with positive results with trading via their technological platform. Your life will be simplified when investing money and you don’t need to worry about anything. Hence, this can be considered as one of the most convenient methods available for a person to get into crypto currency investments.

If you take a look at a centralized trading platform, you will not be able to find any transparency at all in it. But that’s not the case with Carboneum. It provides full transparency to you and you will be able to see what’s happening. You know what’s exactly happening for the money that you have invested on the platform. Due to this reason, you will be provided with the opportunity to keep peace of mind during the investments.

ICO and Token
Token Details
Token Name: C8
Token for Sale: 120,000,000
Hard Cap: USD 12,000,000
Soft Cap: USD 1,200,000
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 8,000 C8

Pre-Sale is closed
CrowdSale Starts: 11th June, 2018


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