Blackbox is a decentralized marketplace meant to manage work and teams carrying them out on the blockchain. The platform is a distributed app (dApp) built on the Ethereum network. It seeks to improve collaboration and avoid duplication of work through a series of smart contracts that monitors and controls the flow of activities of contributing organizations in the network.

It is a next generation work platform governed by smart contracts and operated with the Blackbox token with which contributors are rewarded based on set standards written on the distributed ledger. The project, as the future of work, creates a platform with which the antiquated paperwork and electronic contracts are optimized using smart contracts enabling participating organizations to upgrade their operations to meet the demands of work in accordance with recent evolution.
It goes further to enable the linkage of the decentralized ecosystem allowing companies to fully utilize the efficiencies and power of the blockchain and artificial intelligence. The platform achieves this by de-centrally storing data, using smart contracts to govern activities of contributors, providing work tools and creating a platform that personalizes the needs of users on the network.
Existing traditional work systems lean towards centralization of authority giving majority of workers little or no room to contribute to the policies guiding how they work. This is pronounced because these organizations are hierarchical in setting.
This system favors precedence and subjectivity accentuated by the centrality of authority.
This means that innovation is stifled since policies are already set to govern how work should be done in such organizations. Aside the control based on precedence, there is the disenchantment on the part of many workers because they actually lack the liberty to choose how to work and effectively work and be rewarded on their own terms. The disconnection of individual passion in work means that workers generally put in the minimum they can get away with and not the maximum for which they were hired. In any case, they contributed little in terms of the hiring process and the organizational policy. So it is not very surprising that this system does not produce efficiency in delivery of quality, even when it does, there still is room for improvement.

The Blackbox Solution

The Blackbox Operating System has been developed as a flexible platform on which basic and advanced organizational needs are automated through the creation of a smart contract governed administration and connectivity among relevant tiers, segments or verticals based on the distributed ledger technology.
Blackbox leverages the strength of technology in eliminating the need for trust in work. This improves the efficiency of human cooperation and reduces operational cost through the elimination of the need to invest human, material and even hitherto known technological surveillance in supervisory roles.
The Blackbox OS is comprised of modules which are easily applied to organizational needs through its module marketplace to provide instant benefits and long term value.

Blackbox Token Pre-Sale Live!
Ends Sept. 27th or until hard cap is reached
Pre-Sale cap is $10Million
Token Price = $0.16
Pre-Sale bonuses Available from 25% - 50%

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