THE COLLETRIX - leverage on the blockchain to bridge the gap between physical and virtual world

Colletrix is the blockchain project to unify the elements of IP, blockchain and merchandise to create new market value powered by the world-leading smart contract system, Ethereum. The goal of the project is to revolutionize the ownership of intellectual property (IP) providing transparency and security protection and constant value for owners of IP through tokenization, while ensuring merchandisers and consumers’ trust in the authenticity of their purchased products at any given time.

UNDONE Established in 2014 is the world’s leading custom watch label founded by a team of dedicated watch industry veterans will bring its merchandising expertise to showcase the benefits of blockchain technology for merchandise products globally?

ANIMOCA BRANDS leverages gamification, blockchain, and artificial intelligence technologies to develop and publish a broad portfolio of mobile products including games will introduce its vast network of IP owners and blockchain and gamification technologies in this dispensation

FUTURE ARENA - digital pioneer in sports IP development and commercialization, will leverage its strong portfolio of sports and entertainment IPs – this is done to create a robust ecosystem of IP establishment, trading and physical merchandising using blockchain technology.
BITWORK ACCELERATOR: Bitwork Accelerator is a program for blockchain companies of all stages and helps to match all kinds of specific resources in the private and public sectors.

The colletrix is well structured which aim to create a friendly and secure marketplace by integrating IP tokenization into the robust platform. This will be successfully done through the unification of old and new economy .hence the colletrix is eager to create business breakthrough for IP owners and merchandise for a long term period of licenses that will be power by the blockchain applications that will be able to attract more users. The attachment of NFT will generate a dynamic concentration in collectors, providing them quick access to the digital market floor which makes IP creators to have multiple franchise in over the world, which connote global economy development.


The info graphics below describe the work flow of the colletrix platform beginning from the IP Owner to the collector that is the final consumers.
Colletrix which leverage on the blockchain technology have the ability to secure intellectual property (IP) originators and also have the privilege to validate the authenticity of merchandise collectibles.

Original IP originators study have shown they have lose out when their IP gets transferred or sold. Consumers still need to verify collectibles they buy using archaic methods.
Colletrix provide artists the influence to tokenize their Intellectual property into a crypto asset, permitting them to secure their Intellectual property whenever the token is traded on the platform .Users can authenticate the authenticity of their collectibles through token data stockpiled on the blockchain.

IP Originators
The colletrix platform was design to allow IP originators that is those create their own IP to be able to tokenize as a form of crypto asset which is highly secure on the blockchain system. Because the blockchain is immutable every transactions done on the system allows high level of transparency on how IP token transactions have been done and moreover it gives more earning to IP owners from the sales made.

confirm that their collectible is genuine, and will be able to give total support artists through the medium of trading of their tokens which was verify by the team of colletrix on the Marketplace of the colletrix platform.

On the colletrix platform merchandise will be able to build their businesses and create more opportunities which also leads to customers been attracted from artist and other crypto related communities.

About the IEO
May 2019
Initial exchange offer
Team recruitment
June 2019 Beta platform and merchandise launch (UNDONE watch related to NFT, IP tokenization)
Q3 2019
First IP x NFT Marketplace Merchandise Development
More UNDONE merchandise plus NFT collections
Q4 2019 - Q1 2020
Gamification element to provide incentives for the NFT collection
Open a platform for the manufacture of pure IP (decoupling merchandise
from creating IP, leading to more IPs that are made and tokenized)
Q2 2020
Apply IP merchandising to other products - users must spend CIPX to make NFT with their merchandise.

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