IOU - Offering More Benefits, Control, and Flexibility to Traders

Empowering Blockchain Merchants and Consumers with decentralized and secure Peer-to-Peer technology driving customer satisfaction and loyalty through Merchant’s trade-able IOUs.

What Is IOU?

IOU seeks to reinvent the existing customer loyalty programs in a bid to offer more benefits, control, and flexibility to the merchants. Doing this will make it possible for the merchants to guarantee their clients the best possible consumer satisfaction levels. This will be in exchange for the marketing expenditures already incurred.

The loyalty system being proposed by IOU will make it possible for the business owners to build new interaction levels with their clientele. Additionally, they will also be able to provide an opportunity for their consumers to freely exchange the IOUs in their possession with other consumers.

IOU E-Commerce Blockchain Loyalty System Platform Benefits
By tokenizing the merchant promotional offers through the blockchain, consumers and merchants will get to enjoy the following benefits:

Loyalty And Customer Retention
All IOU obligations will go on to develop into Flagship Blockchain Loyalty Programs for the business owners. Merchants will, thus, have access to an efficient and secure way of promoting all their special offers to consumers.

Viral Marketing
Clients will essentially become agents for the merchants. They will be able to target other consumers on the peer-to-peer exchange looking to exchange the IOUs they have with other consumers. This is something that will be based on the value and need at the moment a transaction is being executed. It is an approach that will make it possible for business operators to attract and retain a stable customer influx.

The IOU Peer-To-Peer Exchange
This particular exchange is one that is being driven by market flexibility. Clients will be able to securely purchase IOU offers from business owners with each purchase having specific terms for the promotional service or product, e.g., exchange terms, limited quantity, and expiration date.

It is a type of flexibility that is likely to provide consumers with enough time-frame to use their services or products. Alternatively, they will also have enough time to trade the IOUs in their possession with others who may be interested in them in any location across the globe.

Global Digital E-Commerce Trends

Total global population: 7.476 billion people. Urbanization stands at 54%
Internet users: 3.773 billion. Penetration stands at 50%
Active social media users: 2.789 billion. Penetration stands at 37%
Unique mobile users: 4.917 billion. Penetration stands at 66%
Active mobile social users: 2.549 billion. Penetration stands at 34%
IOU IOUX Token & ICO Details
Merchants will be required to pay a five percent gas fee using IOUX tokens for each and every IOU offer that is issued for clients. In return, IOUX token holders will be provided with a five percent discount as an incentive. They would also receive an additional 20 loyalty tokens every time a consumer or merchant accumulates transactional tokens totaling 1000 or more.

Post ICO Token Distribution

Public : 57.5%
Founders and Management : 20%
ICO Advisors and Bounty Marketers : 2%
Company : 20.5%
Parameters Of The ICO

Total number of tokens: 800,000,000
800 IOUX tokens : 1 ETH
Pre-ICO : 10, 000,000 tokens with a 40% volume bonus
ICO : 100,000,000 tokens (tokens sold bonus, time of crowd sale bonus, and volume bonus)

Consumers would securely acquire IOU offers from the Merchants with specific terms for the promotional product or service such as time of expiration, limited quantity and exchange terms. Such flexibility would give Consumers certain time-frame to utilize products or services or provide opportunity to trade their IOUs with other Consumers anywhere around the world.

For example, Consumer A purchased restaurant IOU in Rome and is traveling to Paris might trade his/her IOU with the Consumer B who is traveling to Rome for the restaurant in Paris. We believe many Consumers would choose to purchase multiple IOUs from the same Merchant if the offer is attractive to have opportunity to trade some with other Consumers. This approach drives customer satisfaction while giving Merchants would not only get the opportunity to attract new customers but also receive their funds in advance.


Each Consumer truly would become the “agent” targeting other Consumers on P2P exchange seeking to trade their acquired IOUs with other Consumers based on the need and value at the time of the transaction. Such approach allows merchants to obtain a stable influx of new customers and truly loyal customers.
Merchants must pay 5% Gas fee in IOUX Tokens for every IOU offer issued for Consumers (in addition to the 5% Fee on any purchases made by other crypto currency, while purchases made by IOUX Tokens would be exempt). In exchange, to provide incentives for the IOUX Token holders every IOUX Token transaction would be granted additional 5% Discount to the Consumers. Additional 20 Loyalty Tokens would be given equally each time to both Merchants and Consumers after accumulating transactions of 1000 Tokens.

Merchant would also have an option to Guarantee the Service and issue refunds of payments if product or service offered by their IOU offers was not satisfactory. Thus additional IOUX Tokens would be escrowed until the completion of the term of the IOU Offer. During issuance of IOU offers, Merchants must agree to the Token Discount, Service Guarantee and Gas Fee Terms. This structure would ensure high utilization and demand of the IOUX Tokens.


1 IOUX = $0.28

Allocated for ICO and Private Sale. Company will burn unsold tokens and use 20% of e-commerce transaction fees on buy-back program to quarterly acquire IOUX tokens from listed exchanges and burn those re-purchased tokens.

Core Team
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