The development of innovation has made it simple for individuals to work on the web. As a result of the huge range of chances web-based, outsourcing has turned out to be prevalent all around, and this ubiquity accompanies a few weaknesses. The issue with outsourcing is significantly the danger of running over con artists. A few tricksters give specialists work to do and don't pay them or consultants who get offers, get paid and not take the necessary steps. Be that as it may, these can be abstained from utilizing the blockchain answer for independent employment. Outsourcing on Blockchain brings straightforwardness and security without the requirement for gigantic outsider commissions and approaches.

What Is CryptoLancers platform

CryptoLancers platform is a decentralized distributed outsourcing platform and CryptoLancers token for online installment administrations, it permits to interface between venture pioneers and specialist organizations by helping individuals breathe life into creative tasks, and contract consultants to convey related work and administrations. CryptoLancers will settle numerous issues

For quite a long time, independent platforms have attempted to discover the harmony between the requirements of the client and the requests of consultant designers, while server administrators are stuck in the center.
CryptoLancers makes it simple to pay and quick to get and CryptoLancers offers the best administration that meets the customer's goals and issues with the minimum cost and the most ideal planning.
Features of Blockchain which are beneficial for the freelancers:
• Immutable, secure record of transactions – An important feature of Blockchain is its immutability. It allows a large number of transactions and contract data stored in the secure environment. This makes it free the hackers. The agreements between the freelancers and their clients can become a part of the permanent record, which is hard to breach or compromise.
• Cost-effective – When it comes to the freelance market, then the workflow is known no boundaries, however, when it comes to the payment, then the money transfer may ask the sender to pay some transfer fee. Transferring money to Africa or from the US can cost an extra 15 . Blockchain can as a savior here since there is no third party control, the money can be transferred with a lower transfer fee or no fees at all.
• Proof of work– Credibility is the biggest concern in the freelancing world and online mode of working. With Blockchain in the picture, the freelancers can store their profile and portfolio data on Blockchain which can be copyrighted too.
Conclusion – It is clear that Blockchain has created a fervor in the market which has affected multiple niches and the freelance market is the latest addition to this, companies like Moonlighting are planning to come with their ICO in 2018. There are other Blockchain-based platforms like Storm market, Ethlance is yet another popular Blockchain-based platform which

shows that Blockchain technology is here to stay for long and is going to transform the business world and its functioning. We have a lot more in store for the freelance market than just a freelancing ecosystem, but for everything precious, it’s worth building a good foundation.
Our main goal is to become an international platform and that our coins be on the top 10 ICOs in the market. We want to get our name out there so that we can reach not only the technically versed but the
casual people also.

Difficulties On Ground:

The accompanying separated difficulties are what the Freelancers are confronting:

The issue of Classical installment technique

The risk of High Transaction charges

Instances of Fraud and phony audits

Nonattendance or Low security level

The blockchain arrangement does the accompanying:

It helps the specialist and furthermore the customers to store their records for all time on the blockchain. This makes it secure and relatively difficult to rupture.

It causes the specialist to store character and portfolio information safely. This makes it less demanding to follow all the past occupations to its unique creator. This fathoms the issues of duplicate compose and different issues of character.

It makes it feasible for an errand to be posted once and shared over various platforms.

It has a lessened exchange expense contrasted with customary means.

Token Distribution
CryptoLancers will be disseminated as broadly as conceivable amid a token dispersion occasion at dispatch. The circulation will comprise of keeping a very much ascertained number for the CryptoLancers group, and in addition a private and open topped offer of tokens.

Value desires

It is normal that before the year's over will be appropriated 60,000,000. A deal is offered in two rounds in view of a very much examined rate for each round. From this, we will have the capacity to build up an expected CLT cost and estimates for 2018. In light of the conjectures of our members, by the first quarter, the anticipated market for CLT is settled at the level of 0.7 $. The CLT cost will keep on growing in different extents, from $ 1.1 in Q2 to $ 1.7 in Q3. In the final quarter, the CLT cost is anticipated to develop to $ 2.8. We figured the CLT value gauge, utilizing the quantity of tokens anticipated that would be circulated before the year's over and the estimate of our members by the estimation of the coin before the year's over.

The meeting of the team of founders, developers, designers, and the team of security web to confirm the ideas of the decentralized freelancing platform
Start in the whitepaper and apply all the suggestions of the whole team.
Market analysis of the token and the study of:
•All algorithm of token sell.
•Freelancing application cost.
The whitepaper has been completed.
Meeting conference with all interested investors and all the team.
Token pre-sale initiating over 45 days.
Listing CLT token on exchanges after one month of starting the pre-sale.
Defining and initial development of the platform structure.
Beta test version release.
the realization of the official version of the platform website.
Initial development steps of the blockchain technology.
Hard fork of CLT token distribution of all exchange.
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